NEO Global Development (NGD) has announced the “NEO JOY 2019” community conference in Beijing, China, on Saturday, April 20th, 2019. The six-hour conference, to be held at the Microsoft Building in Beijing’s Haidian District, has “NEO Blockchain Games” as its theme. According to NGD, NEO-JOY aims to be “the most influential and high-quality NEO community conference in China.”

Afternoon Speakers

The first four hours of the conference are devoted to presentations. NEO’s Chinese development community, especially its game developers, are heavily represented. Scheduled to present are NEO Ecosystem Growth manager Jiachao Wang; NEO-NEXT founder Yuefeng Wang; BlaCat Game Platform founder Xi Chen; GAEX CEO Kelvin Wong; and FishChain CEO Jingyi Li.

Evening Workshop and Meetings

NEO development engineer Longfei Wang will give an evening technical workshop after the presentations. The workshop will function as an introduction for interested developers to “develop NEO blockchain games from scratch,” covering topics such as NEO’s smart contracts, assets, wallets, private chains, and integration of NEO’s SDK into the Unity game development engine.

Ecosystem Growth manager Jiachao Wang will also be on hand for an evening one-to-one “interactive session,” during which prospective game developers will be given an audience to discuss “cooperation, support, and other aspects” with a knowledgeable representative from NEO Global Development.

Tickets to NEO-JOY are free, and available online.

NGD’s NEO JOY 2019 announcement can be read in full at the following link: