Neo Global Development has announced the N3 MainNet launch target date as August 2, following the stable performance of the N3 RC4 release. Now republished as v3.0.0, the RC4 network will become the N3 Formal TestNet on August 1. A day later, the N3 MainNet genesis block will finally be minted.

Over the coming week, Neo will echo the steps taken during testing by onboarding key roles—consensus and council nodes, oracle nodes, state validators, and NeoFS inner ring nodes. After the core components are rolled out, users and applications can begin adoption of the new network.

Initial token migration options will become available approximately one week after the MainNet launch. This will allow early bird users to begin voting for potentially accelerated rewards, however these users will miss out on the mass migration incentives. More information on the two migration paths can be found in this article.

The original announcement can be found at the following link: