Neo Global Development announced the N3 MainNet launch for Aug. 2, 2021 following the stable performance of the N3 RC4 release. Now republished as v3.0.0, the RC4 network became the N3 Formal TestNet on Aug. 1, with the MainNet launching the following day.

NGD released the N3 MainNet launch roadmap, which defines the three major phases standing between Neo Legacy and N3 adoption. These three phases—Formal TestNet, MainNet Setup, and Mass Migration—will be completed over the coming months as the Neo ecosystem moves to fully adopt the newly improved platform. Currently, the first phase is underway as critical components of the N3 RC4 TestNet are onboarded. This stage primarily involves essential network testing and the setup of various special roles, including NeoFS, Oracle, and initial Neo Council nodes.

NGD hosted the Neo Frontier Launchpad demo week, where 13 teams delivered demonstrations of their projects built during the event’s Development phase. The featured projects appeared accordingly:

Neo co-founder, Da Hongfei, participated in an interview with CoinTelegraph China to discuss the direction of the broader blockchain industry and the rollout of Neo N3. 

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted GhostMarket founder, Vincent Geneste, on episode 58 of the NNT podcast. Discussion topics included the formalization of GhostMarket from a side project into a structured company, Neo Legacy vs. Neo N3, establishing support for multiple chains, working with well-known brands, and much more.

In the interview, Geneste talked about how big brands, entertainers, and athletes all want to break into the NFT universe, but they don’t know where to start. He noted that there aren’t many platforms offering a white label solution to onboard new NFT creators, but the ones that do are beginning to stand out. Looking forward, the GhostMarket founder intends to expand the platform’s white label services.

Developer Groups

Neo SPCC released new updates for NeoGo, which bring it in line with the latest changes in Neo N3 RC4. Across two releases, the team added initial RC4 support with new functionality before further refining the node with additional CLI commands and bug fixes. V0.96.1 is the current version in use on the N3 RC4 TestNet, and can be used to run regular nodes, RPC services, or participate in consensus.


July 27, O3 Swap surpassed US $204 million in daily trading volume. 

July 28, Poly Network integrated support for its 11th blockchain, the Polygon protocol, which will facilitate cross-chain token and NFT transfers.

July 28, TranslateMe announced it had surpassed 5,000 translators contributing to the platform. 

July 28, O3 Labs integrated support for Circle’s USDC stablecoin on the O3 Swap cross-chain DEX aggregator.

July 28, Poly Network announced a partnership with CNES, a decentralized digital token dedicated to promoting carbon neutrality.

July 29, TranslateMe added support for the Turkish language to its commercial API. 

July 30, GhostMarket announced the forthcoming release of its v2 marketplace and explorer platform. An article offered an overview of changes, including the addition of back-end upgrades, a buy/sell cart, artist verification, and more. Additionally, GhostMarket is seeking translators for more than 10 languages. The team is also hosting a community feedback and bug bounty campaign, with varying rewards for both. 

July 30, GhostMarket was integrated into Galleseum, a blockchain-agnostic NFT gallery platform.

July 31, NekoHit, a Neo Frontier Launchpad Excellence award winner, released a whitepaper on how it intends to build a Patreon for the Neo N3 platform. The current version is in Chinese, but the team plans on translating it into English in its next steps.