Neo News Today has airdropped 2 GAS to every Neo wallet voting for the NNT council node as of a snapshot taken on Dec. 23. This small holiday gift is a thank you from NNT for your ongoing support. We hope we can continue to repay your faith in us by delivering value back to the Neo ecosystem.

Since our election to the Neo Council, we have tried to actively invest portions of our GAS revenue back into funding initiatives that will encourage ecosystem and community growth.

We began by opening a grant program, offering two US $4,000 grants to developers who wanted to explore new possibilities on Neo N3 and share their experiences. The first recipient was Robert Oschler, who is working on the From Ethereum to Neo video series. A second grant has since been awarded to another developer building a Dropbox style application using NeoFS. Both projects are still in progress.

We also delivered the r/NEO GasBot, which enables users to tip each other in GAS. The GasBot provides a low friction way to get GAS into the hands of users without having to first download a wallet. We also plan to expand functionality in the future to support other NEP-17 tokens, NFTs, and to bring availability to other social platforms.

Additionally we have distributed GAS rewards to various grassroots and community contributors. It is our hope that by recognizing community members who take the initiative to create something useful, we can encourage them to continue to enrich the ecosystem.

Some of the projects that have been rewarded as of the end of November include:

We are constantly on the lookout for new projects to reward and anticipate this list being much, much longer by the end of next year.

Finally, NNT has been active in its role as a Neo Council member, kickstarting the discussions within the council group that led to the reduction of network fees and oracle fees. In both cases, NNT voted in favor of both adjustments, and we will continue to maintain high engagement within the Neo Council. (Additionally, for those who are wondering, changes will be coming in the new year that will make the Neo Council decision making process much more transparent.)

As we look forward to 2022, NNT is excited to expand the various ways we can use our Neo Council seat to give back to the community. 2021 was a momentous year for the Neo project with the launch of Neo N3, bringing a wave of new energy into the ecosystem. Whether it’s supporting developers with small grants, sponsoring hackathons, funding educational initiatives, incentivizing community activities, or providing new utilities, we are excited by what we will be able to accomplish together in service of the greater good.

Have a very happy holidays and a wonderful 2022!

– Neo News Today