Following the successful deployment of Neo-CLI v3.1.0 on the N3 TestNet, the MainNet upgrade occurred at 08:00 a.m. (UTC) on Dec. 21. The new version includes the new Rules witness scope, allowing for more flexibility when constraining transaction signature usage, alongside a range of optimizations intended to improve sync speed and TPS.

Neo shared a seasonal video from Neo Global Development and the broader Neo community, wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

NNT Catch Up

Forthewin.Network recently launched a new website with a NEP-17 token generator (FTW Smith), a page to mint FTW Rune NFTs, and has plans to add a third dApp to the site (GAS-FI). Additionally, the project’s Legacy NEP-5 FTX tokens can now be migrated to N3, where they will have the ticker symbol FTW.

Neo News Today airdropped 2 GAS to every Neo wallet voting for the NNT council node as of a snapshot taken on Dec. 23rd. This small holiday gift is a thank you from NNT for ongoing support. NNT aims to continue to repay your faith in them by delivering value back to the Neo ecosystem.

Developer Groups

COZ released Neon Wallet v2.11 with a number of key upgrades to its WalletConnect implementation. The initial implementation worked for basic applications, such as voting, but could not be used with multi-invoke transactions or in some applications due to a limited number of supported witness scopes. Shortly after the launch, GhostMarket became the first N3 dApp to support Neon Wallet.

Neo News Today released an article about Neo SPCC’s recent review of the new Rules witness scope introduced to the Neo N3 blockchain in the neo-cli v3.1 update. NNT’s article offers a primer on Neo N3 transactions, CheckWitness, and Witness Scopes, including the new Rules functionality.


Dec. 20, NeoBurger made the NoBug governance token airdrop claimable by those who qualified for the first round of distributions.

Dec. 20, Saffron Finance announced its staking platform integrated support for Neo N3 TestNet. 

Dec. 21, GhostMarket completed a US $2 million fundraise through the strategic and private sale of the GM governance token. In early 2022, the team intends to conduct a public token sale of two million GM through an initial DEX offering. Additionally, the team also implemented support for WalletConnect via the Neon Wallet. Ledger users can now buy, sell, trade, and store Neo-based NFTs with the address secured by their hardware device.

Dec. 21, O3 Labs announced an ambassador program that aims to expand to demographics from non-English speaking countries. Interested bi-lingual individuals are encouraged to reach out to the team. 

Dec. 21, TOTHEMOON announced it is airdropping a total of 10 TTM Item NFTs, one second-generation Moon Creature, 8,000 TTM tokens, and 2,000 CANDY tokens to users for each first-generation Moon Creature NFT held.

Dec. 22, Flamingo announced it is launching an FLM Hodler Program, designed to offer FLM token holders various types of benefits. Examples include exclusive access to Discord channels and roles, contests for program members, and other yet-to-be-determined perks. Flamingo was also recently elected onto the Neo Council.

Dec. 23, Flamingo began phase three of the new FLM minting schedule. New FLM will mint 75% on Flamingo N3 and 25% on Flamingo Legacy. Beginning Jan. 3, 100% of new FLM will mint on Neo N3. 

Dec. 23, GhostMarket launched its official YouTube channel. 

Dec. 24, Nash held an AMA to discuss plans for the future of the NEX token. In the AMA, Nash CEO Kellogg Fairbank discussed migrating to Neo N3, plans to pursue a market of non-crypto users, sharing data and information, delaying the Series A fundraise, and more.

Dec. 24, Flamingo launched the Flamingo Dashboard app on iOS and Android. The application utilizes a watch-only address feature for tracking Flamingo activity from the convenience of a smartphone.

Dec. 24, PANews concluded polling for best projects of 2021, where Neo was voted the “Best Infrastructure of the Year.”