Neo Global Development (NGD) announced the public release of Neo3 Preview2, bringing with it a range of performance optimizations and new features for smart contracts. The new build is hoped to accelerate the development of Neo3 tools, providing community development groups with a foothold for migrating existing tools and infrastructure to the new blockchain.

NGD Seattle lead, John deVadoss, participated in a Neo Live webinar hosted by NGD community operations specialist, Songping Que. At the start of the presentation, deVadoss recapped the core vision for Neo3 laid out by Erik Zhang, Neo co-founder, in a development roadmap published in April 2019. For the remainder of the webinar, deVadoss covered eight important changes in the new release that he believes users should be aware of, ranging from protocol and VM performance enhancements to new smart contract features such as permission control.

Developer Groups

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) is participating in the upcoming Binance Online Super Meetup scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 30th, for a Russian speaking audience. Neo SPCC co-founder and CIO, Stanislav Bogatyrev, will deliver a keynote speech and participate in a panel alongside other blockchain projects such as Cardano, Waves, and Solana.

NEXT released new videos on how to use the NeoLine wallet. The first offers an overview of downloading the app for Android, the second explains the wallet create and import process, and the third outlines how to back up private keys. NEXT also published a tutorial on private keys and an article on basic wallet terminology.


April 20th, TranslateMe released the beta version of its French-to-English machine translation model, which also included a basic user interface for users to test live.

April 20th, Jarvis+ released its fortnightly report, which highlighted progress achieved on the development of a Telegram-based bounty bot.

April 21st, Nash announced the launch of Bitcoin trading on Nash Exchange. Bitcoin trading was initially available to Tier 2 users and made available to all users later in the week.

April 21st, Switcheo’s HODL Elite staking and rewards campaign concluded, which rewarded users for locking SWTH tokens for 90 days. Switcheo published an overview on how to unlock SWTH and receiving rewards.

April 21st, Novem announced it had minted 1,250 grams of gold into 125,000 NNN tokens.

April 22nd, QLC Chain announced the launch of its “COVID-19 fighter bounty,” which aims to reward QWallet users for using the live updates page and practicing social distancing. As part of the fighter bounty, there are two tracts: a daily QGAS giveaway and a two-week-long social distancing bounty.

April 22nd, TranslateMe announced the addition of 20,000 sentences to its French to English model corpus.

April 22nd, Switcheo announced it had donated US $500 as part of the Switcheo Cares campaign for COVID-19 relief efforts.

April 22nd, Nash released an article highlighting potential effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the cryptocurrency industry. The article suggested that companies that were not prepared for crisis will be overtaken by well prepared start-ups, and that it has become apparent that blockchain-based assets are not correlated to equities.

April 24th, Neo News Today published an introduction to KardiaChain, an interoperability-focused public blockchain platform, introduced as a hybrid blockchain solution/infrastructure for enterprises and governments. KardiaChain has chosen Neo as one of the first public blockchain platforms to integrate support, with cross-chain activity expected to go live in Q3 2020 as part of the KardiaChain MainNet launch.

April 24th, Nash conducted its quarterly report for Q1 2020 via a video call. The event was attended by co-founders Fabio Canesin, Ethan Fast, Thomas Saunders, Fabian Wahle, and Luciano Engel, who each gave a presentation on various facets of the company. During the event, the Nash team highlighted progress across applied research, security and DevOps, payments and mobile, design and UX, and marketing and communication.

Token Listings

Nash Exchange lists BTC.


April 30th: Neo SPCC joins Binance-hosted virtual meetup.

May 4th – 8th: NGD Seattle, NEO-ONE, and Moonlight to participate in REIMAGINE 2020 virtual conference.