NEO hosted NEOJOY 2019 in Beijing, China, where a crowd of community developers, game developers, and gaming platforms discussed the value of the blockchain gaming industry. Several speakers delivered presentations on gaming in the NEO ecosystem, including representatives from NEO Global Development (NGD), NEO-NEXT, and Blacat.

Ding Wang, founder of HiggsNetwork and CEO of GAEX, spoke about the potential value of blockchain-based games, as well as the appreciation of gaming-based digital assets. Lastly, CEO and co-founder of FishChain Jingyi Li discussed the development of his company’s blockchain-based fishing game that is currently migrating to NEO.

Associate manager of NGD Denis Suslov presented at the Crypto Games Conference in Minsk, Belarus. Suslov discussed NEO’s goal to become a “one-stop blockchain game solution provider.”

NNT Catch Up

nOS announced its second developer competition, calling on developers to build web applications that incorporate nOS ID and the NOS token. Each entry to the competition must include nOS ID as the sole registration and sign-in method and must utilize the NOS token in some manner. Browser, mobile, and desktop applications are all accepted. The deadline for application submissions is 11:59 pm (UTC) on Friday, June 14th.

Developer Groups

NEXT launched its NEOLine Chrome extension wallet, comparable to a NEO-based MetaMask, a popular Chrome extension wallet for Ethereum. The wallet was created to provide a “seamless connection between the browser and NEO,” allowing users to execute all normal wallet functions such as sending, receiving, or managing their assets from within the Chrome browser.

The wallet defaults to the Chinese language, though after creating or importing a NEO address, users may access the Settings page to change the language to English. NEOLine also offers a dAPI that allows users to authorize connections to dApps through the wallet, instead of requiring them to trust the dApp with their private keys.


April 23rd, FishChain announced its intention to launch a NEO-based counterpart, NeoFish. FishChain combines a mining mechanism and fishing gameplay with a token model, intended to create an interactive, player-driven marketplace and ecosystem. A NEP-5 FISH airdrop will be available to individuals who are members of the NeoFish Telegram channel and have at least 1 NEO in their wallet. The form submission deadline is May 1st (EST), and participants will receive up to 5000 NEP-5 FISH tokens, calculated by 2000 + (number of NEO held * 10).

April 23rd, QLC Chain announced a BitAsset campaign for QLC and QGAS IOU tokens scheduled to begin on Monday, April 29th. Additionally, a “Hacker Challenge” is underway until Wednesday, May 1st. QLC Chain also announced the upcoming release of its first consumer-oriented product, Confidant. COO Susan Zhou told NEO News Today that QLC Chain is in communication with NGD on the development of its framework for cross-chain interoperability to allow users to stake NEP-5 QLC tokens and receive GO-QLC QGAS tokens.

April 23rd, NEO Blockchain Seattle hosted a developer workshop, where NEO-ONE founder Alex DiCarlo offered a demo workshop on building a dApp in the NEO-ONE environment.

April 23rd, NEO Colorado hosted its first developer workshop, in partnership with NEO-ONE and Galvanize. At the workshop, Alex Fragapane of NEO-ONE demonstrated how to build a simple token smart contract in the NEO-ONE environment.

April 24th, MixMarvel revealed its intention to integrate HyperDragons and HyperSnake with the NEO blockchain along with support from NGD. MixMarvel’s HyperDragons was previously ported from Ethereum to become the most-used dApp on the Ontology public blockchain. HyperDragons focuses on collecting, breeding, and fighting unique dragons, while HyperSnake is a competitive, multiplayer take on the vintage “Snake” cellphone game.

April 24th, Coupit released an update that attempted to explain a host of problems recently encountered by Coupit’s team, including the failure to distribute Recoupit in March 2019. Coupit hired Allcode to “maintain and build the projects and infrastructure.” However, the Coupit team alleged, “mismanagement,” “security issues,” and “technical incompetence” from AllCode. As a result, Coupit “can’t say for sure exactly when the next disbursement will be” for its Recoupit tokens.

April 25th, Red Pulse announced the launch of Crypto Pulse, a content platform where contributors can post cryptocurrency-focused news, research, and analysis in exchange for earning Red Pulse PHX tokens. Red Pulse stated that users will be able to access “Signals, Pulses, and community contributed analysis, [and] insights in real time.” Anyone can sign up and submit content to Crypto Pulse for consideration by the team’s editors. Upon receiving PHX rewards, users can choose to spend, withdraw, or stake them as desired.

April 26th, Switcheo announced the implementation of cross-chain atomic swapping for NEO and Ethereum public blockchains. Users now can make cross-chain swaps from SWTH to ETH which Switcheo claims makes it the “first decentralized exchange to allow cross-chain trades between these two blockchains.”

April 27th, QLC Chain released more information about the expected June 2019 first shipment of Confidant hardware stations and its privacy-oriented network’s token economic model. QLC Chain is conducting an Initial Staking Offering (ISO) for global purchasers and distributors. Through the ISO, QLC Chain lends the user NEP-5 QLC for staking until QGAS is released in late May.

April 27th, Nash Exchange held its “Quarterly Report” event in London, UK and discussed its development work from the first quarter of 2019. The topic of the latest Nash presentation was “User Experience.”

April 28th, Conjure released an initial “prototype” of its planned multimedia publishing platform. The prototype focuses on “UI/UX concepts, content discovery, and rewards/sorting methods” and is intended to “provide a look, feel, and general idea of what to expect on the Conjure platform.” Conjure outlined a system in which content receives CJR token rewards based on its performance within its realm, relative to other content in that same realm.

April 28th, nOS announced a Client v0.6 update and its intention to launch a native public blockchain. The v0.6 update includes support for dApps on multiple chains (NEO, Ethereum, EOS, and Tron), as well as account updates in anticipation for the nOS blockchain. nOS anticipates sharing the first nOS blockchain source code and public TestNet in Q3 2019.