NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today released Episode 29 of the NNT Podcast, with Fabio Canesin, co-founder and chief business officer of fintech company, Nash. Discussion topics included Nash’s non-custodial infrastructure, retail users versus professional traders, the launch of BTC trading, growing the platform, and much more.

Developer Groups

Neow3j hosted a session on developing in the Neo ecosystem at the IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 2020 virtual event. The session was entitled Neo Blockchain: developing dApps without learning a new programming language, which offered offer an in-depth overview of the Neo blockchain, including the various developer communities in the ecosystem, the Neo consensus mechanism, the token economic model, and how smart contracts work on Neo. The second half of the session offered a hands-on workshop that showcased dApp development – using the Python and Java languages – to highlight the previously discussed topics.

NEXT released its monthly report for April 2020, which most notably highlighted progress achieved on the NeoLine mobile app, ecosystem contributions, and the launch of NeoTalk. Such ecosystem contributions included the launch of an open-source block analysis and storage program, support development for non-fungible tokens, and the deployment of neo-cli seed nodes in the US and Hong Kong. Additionally, the team released a tutorial video offering an overview of asset and wallet management operations.


April 27th, Alchemint released a brief video tutorial that instructs users how to return SDUSD with the one-click return function recently implemented in the platform.

April 28th, QLC Chain released a Q1 2020 overview, which discussed progress made to the QWallet, Confidant data privacy hardware, and its public blockchain infrastructure.

April 29th, Switcheo announced that it is now hosted on the IPFS peer-to-peer distributed file storage platform in conjunction with an Unstoppable Domains partnership. Switcheo said that by hosting its exchange on IPFS, “it is accessible to everyone in the world without any restrictions.”

April 29th, Nash open-sourced its core protocol and client libraries, which is intended to encourage transparency in decentralized finance and provide the means for other companies to build their services on top of Nash. Making the nash-protocol open to the public allows users to verify that Nash is truly a non-custodial system. Alongside the protocol, Nash has also made its Typescript client open-source.

April 29th, NEO and GAS support were integrated into Ownbit Wallet v 4.14.

April 29th, Moonlight posted an article highlighting the prevalence of fake social media profiles. Moonlight outlined how it aims to offer robust profile information sharing controls and blockchain-based verification to combat this issue.

April 29th, TranslateMe updated its MVP to v5.2.3, which is claimed to include 80% fewer advertisements. The team also claimed its Telegram Translator witnessed more than 10,000 downloads in April 2020.

April 30th, Novem minted an additional 152,325 NNN gold-backed tokens. Novem now has a total of 37,970.23 grams of gold under its management and has minted 3,797,023 NNN tokens.

May 1st, NEO was listed on the Poloniex custodial exchange, with NEO/BTC, NEO/USDT, and NEO/TRX pairs. To celebrate the launch, Poloniex is conducting a trading competition through May 6th.

May 2nd, QLC Chain’s core developer, Allen Li, participated in an ask me anything (AMA) event on Reddit.

Token Listings

NEO listed on Poloniex.


May 4th – 8th: NGD Seattle, NEO-ONE, and Moonlight to participate in REIMAGINE 2020 virtual conference.