Neo Global Development (NGD) published its monthly report for July 2020, which noted the release of Neo3 Preview3, Neo’s partnership with the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), event attendance, development updates, new applications in the ecosystem, marketing and business outreach, plus more.

NGD released a notice that the Neo MainNet will be updated to run the latest version of Neo2’s core client, neo-cli v2.11.0. Following a successful upgrade of the Neo2 TestNet, consensus node operators will coordinate an update that will add improved cross-chain support to the MainNet. The new version incorporated state root as a method for checking data consistency between different nodes and allows for distribution via the P2P messages emitted during consensus.

NNT Catch Up

In episode 37 of the Neo News Today (NNT) podcast, Alienworks founder, Peter Lin, joined to discuss Alienworks’ background and projects.

In the interview, Lin highlighted an upcoming interactive tutorial to introduce developers to the ecosystem and a new Neo network monitor. The Alienworks interactive tutorial is designed to teach students how to write smart contracts on Neo through the development of an intergalactic themed game. Alienworks is also launching the network monitor, designed to provide necessary information during Neo network emergencies.

NNT hosted NGD’s head of marketing, Yuan Gao, on Byzant, a new series that provides insider perspectives from knowledgeable individuals in the Neo ecosystem and broader blockchain industry. Gao was asked to share his thoughts and perspective on the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi), its underlying components, and how to bring it to the Neo blockchain.


August 10th, QLC Chain announced it is to take the lead for the Metro Ethernet Forum’s “DLT, Supply Chains, and Billing” incubation group. The incubation group seeks to define supply chains based on existing blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) to enable automation between operators and collective commercial interactions.

August 11th, Switcheo announced that it had postponed the opening of SWTH token staking on Switcheo TradeHub to August 18th, 2020. There will be a 24-hour grace period in which users can deposit and delegate their tokens before block rewards begin on August 19th.

August 11th, QLC Chain announced the addition of a new architecture advisor, Andreas Freund, who will assist the team in developing a QLC Chain-based multi-cloud management solution for commercial communication automation.

August 13th, Switcheo TradeHub minted its MainNet genesis block. Switcheo announced that the Neo Foundation (NF) and NGD were two of the first validators selected to verify transactions on the new matching engine.

August 13th, Alchemint released its monthly report for July 2020, which noted an increase in SDUSD fees paid from the month prior, plans to develop an on-chain governance system via staking, and acknowledged two days of suspended trading.

August 13th, QLC Chain announced the addition of a new team member, Jose Miguel, a computing architecture engineer, to help simulate DeFi on the QLC Chain platform.

August 13th, TranslateMe launched the first version of its English-to-German translation model, with plans to release a public API for users to test in a simple web-based format.

August 13th, Moonlight announced several new updates such as third-party integration support, a new Typescript SDK, and QR codes for user profiles, plus more. As part of the release, Moonlight exposed its Vivid developer portal, which allows third-party applications to integrate its decentralized self-sovereign identity (DSSI) solution.

August 14th, O3 Labs participated in an AMA on Holdex, a community-driven marketplace that allows its users to discover blockchain-based applications. In the AMA, a handful of O3 Labs representatives discussed new features, interoperability across blockchain platforms, and product-market relevance.

August 14th, Switcheo announced its third node validator, IOSG Ventures, a well-known industry validator that operates nodes for various other blockchain platforms.

August 14th, Bridge noted it had gained more than 100 new users via the Bridge Passport in the Google Chrome Store in the prior week.

August 15th, Switcheo announced its fourth node validator for TradeHub, Zilliqa, “a seasoned blockchain node operator.”

August 16th, Switcheo announced its fifth validator pool for TradeHub, NGC Ventures, Neo Global Capital’s venture capital fund that has been operating Neo nodes.

Token Listings

NEO listed on Phemex.