Poly Network released the second article in its Poly Network Intelligence series, offering an overview of Merkle Mountain Ranges designed by Peter Todd in 2012. 

NNT Catch Up

The World Wide Web Consortium recently approved Vivid’s decentralized identifier method specification, developed by Moonlight. The specification released by Moonlight conforms to the requirements laid down by the W3C DID Working Group and provides a framework for developers to create and manage identity documents on the Neo2, Neo3, and Zilliqa networks.

Developer Groups

COZ released Boa v0.7.0 to support Python smart contracts on the latest Neo3 preview network. The update introduces new interops and provides additional contract examples for developers. 

COZ also began distributing invitations for its closed Neon wallet mobile beta testing program. Neon wallet for mobile is now available on both iOS and Android to selected beta testers.

Neo SPCC announced Preview5-compatibility in NeoFS nodes. The new release, v0.15.0 Seunyudo, uses the most recent NeoGo update and introduces payment distribution from the InnerRing nodes to storage nodes for the first time.


Feb. 16, Nash League surpassed US $50 million in total exchange volume, unlocking $50,000 in prizes for solo participants and two squads.

Feb. 16, Switcheo submitted the v1.14 software upgrade proposal, which limits oracle vote pruning and fixes a rounding error in the AMM quoting implementation. The proposal passed with unanimous support. 

Feb. 16, DeepBrain Chain released its fortnightly update, which noted development progress on the cloud platform’s website, and the addition of GPUs to its network.

Feb. 17, GhostMarket founder Vincent Geneste, and musician, Jesse Goplin, recently joined the Music Entrepreneur Club livestream to discuss the NFT marketplace. The two talked about non-fungible tokens as an alternative method to derive revenue from a musician’s song.

Feb. 18, Nash head of global business development, Kellogg Fairbank, participated in an AMA on the Gains Associates official Telegram channel. He discussed plans in the AMA that include launching a high-yield savings account and crypto-backed debit card in the next two quarters.

Feb. 18, the Demex non-custodial exchange was added to the DeFi and DEX sections of DappRadar.

Feb. 21, Nash League surpassed $60 million in trading volume, unlocking $60,000 prizes to be split between solo traders and two teams.


Feb. 26: QLC Chain chief architect to participate in AMA on official Telegram channel.

March 5: Nash is sponsoring and speaking at The Conference Exchanges: DeFi.Edition