The Flamingo team completed the development of the redesigned asset flow following acceptance of the FIP #2 governance proposal. Launch dates for the proposed changes and migration process were disclosed in a recent announcement. FIP #2 outlined a mechanism to correct price disparities between synthetic assets, bundled with a mix of other changes intended to make the Flamingo platform more user-friendly.

Neo Global Development ecosystem growth manager, Denis Suslov, participated in a Mouse Belt virtual discussion for university students. The talk was oriented towards Thailand-based Universities, focused on careers and blockchain use cases.

NGD Enterprise lead, John deVadoss, published an article on CryptoSlate about the state of enterprise blockchains. In the article, deVadoss offered an overview of current enterprise solutions by Amazon, IBM, JP Morgan, Microsoft, and R3. He listed the various enterprise blockchain technologies and needs, using them to outline the next steps forward.

Poly Network integrated support for cross-chain transfers between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, and released a step-by-step guide. Additionally, Poly Network integrated support for cross-chain transfers of NFTs and digital assets between Seascape on the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted Gitcoin founder, Kevin Owocki, on episode 50 of the NNT podcast. Owocki discussed the Gitcoin open-source grant distribution platform, new economic models within open-source development, the use of quadratic formulas to improve voting and funding distribution, supporting developers in new ecosystems, and much more.

In the interview, Owocki discussed how Gitcoin wants to help support and grow the open-source developer community in the Neo ecosystem. On the Gitcoin platform, users can post and complete bounties, participate in hackathons, and receive incubation services for their open-source projects. Looking forward, Owocki says he wants to continue growing the platform’s relationships with other networks.

Developer Groups

Ax Labs announced Neow3j v3.7, which brings its tools in line with Neo3 Preview5 and introduces a range of new functionality for Java developers. The update focuses on improvements across the devpack and SDK. The team also revised its library of Java examples for Neo3, which demonstrate how to develop, compile, and deploy smart contracts, how to interact with Neo nodes through RPC, and provide references for key/wallet management.


Feb. 22, Switcheo noted 76.44% of the SWTH token supply is staked and the distribution of 1.7 million SWTH in rewards over the previous 24 hours.

Feb. 23, Switcheo reported slower block times following the upgrade to TradeHub v 1.14. The issue was resolved when the block production of select validator nodes were brought back up to speed. 

Feb. 23, O3 Labs integrated mobile wallet support for the Matcha non-custodial exchange aggregator. 

Feb. 24, Nash League surpassed US $70 million in total exchange volume, unlocking $70,000 in prizes for solo participants and three squads. This week was the final week of Nash League season two.

Feb. 25, DeepBrain Chain released its roadmap for launching the DBC MainNet in 2021.

Feb. 26, Onramper announced it is seeking a back-end developer located in Amsterdam, NL. The candidate will be responsible for developing and overseeing new API integrations, optimizing transaction routing through new APIs, and will require experience with React and blockchain-based languages.

Feb. 26, Nash opened the waiting list for the Nash Card with a tentative launch timeframe of Q4 2021. The Nash card will offer users access to their Nash checking account and earn rewards on every transaction.

Feb. 26, O3 Labs released an updated version of the O3 Wallet, which includes cross-chain support for Polkadot and Huobi ECO Chain, and integration of the WalletConnect Protocol.

Feb. 26, QLC Chain chief architect, Allen Lee, participated in AMA on the official Telegram channel.

Feb. 28, O3 Labs participated in an interview with BTC Manager to talk about the non-custodial wallet’s support for DeFi projects, the wallet’s security features, and next steps.


March 2: DeepBrain Chain MainNet public beta and super node election AMA

March 5: Nash is sponsoring and speaking at The Conference Exchanges: DeFi.Edition