Neo Global Development (NGD) released an infographic entitled Neo Insights: How could blockchain help in social issues amid the Coronavirus outbreak? The infographic offered a perspective on how using blockchain could improve the authenticity of information released, transparency in charitable donations, use of identity for epidemiological studies, and use of the supply chain to increase stability in consumer markets.

A Neo course, Developing on Neo, was added to online education platform Blockgeeks, which offers over 1,500 courses aimed at educating its user base about blockchain technology. The nine-part Neo course includes an introduction to blockchain technology and developing on the Neo platform.

NGD Seattle released version 1.0 of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit for .NET, which includes a comprehensive package of Visual Studio-based tools and tutorials for building with the Neo blockchain. The ToolKit includes a debugger and visual dev tracker, and allow users to create and develop smart contracts, run a Neo Express blockchain, plus other functions.

TinTucNeo, a Vietnamese-based Neo community, released the third article in its series about NGD Seattle lead, John deVadoss.

Road to Neo3

Neo News Today (NNT) released the first article in its second feature of the Road to Neo3 series, which examined contract script hashes and migration. The article describes the universally unique identifiers (UUID) feature that is intended to improve the smart contract system for developers by resolving issues with script hashes. The next article will follow the development and provide details on the final implementation of UUID.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today (NNT) released episode 23 of its podcast series with guest Kevin Truong, CEO and CTO of decentralized file storage network, Archon. Topics include what Archon is and how Neo users can interact with the network, how Archon competes with traditional cloud storage providers, what separates Archon from its competitors, and much more.

Developer Groups

NNT spoke with Dr. Guil Sperb. Machado, founder of Neow3j, which aims to bridge the gap between the Neo ecosystem and software engineers that prefer to work with Java-based technologies. In the article, NNT offered an overview of the current state of the Neow3j project, as well as the team’s direction for 2020. According to the project maintainers, new features and development will focus on Neo3. However, efforts to provide updated documentation and code examples will concentrate on Neo 2.x in the meantime.

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (NeoSPCC) recently released version 0.72.0 of NeoGo, which included over 50 pull requests with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Shortly after its launch, the release was quickly followed with the current release version 0.72.1, which resolved a bug detected during TestNet synchronization.


February 4th, QLC Chain released an overview of progress made in 2019, as well as an overview of the recently conducted AMA.

February 4th, Alphacat released its fortnightly report, which highlights tests to the real-time forecasting algorithm, and the addition of a new DeFi-based dApp to the ACAT Store.

February 5th, TranslateMe integrated support for the Urdu language on its Telegram Translator MVP.

February 5th, Neo Economy integrated token swapping functionality into its platform. Neo Economy Swap (NES) allows users to swap 45 cryptocurrencies into NEO or GAS. Costs for using the service will be calculated at a dynamic rate, which is dependent on variables such as price fluctuations, market conditions, and network fees.

February 6th, TranslateMe announced its French to English translation model can now translate English to French, paving the way to develop an API. Additionally, TranslateMe updated its Android Telegram translator application to v5.1.9.

February 6th, Nash updated its wallet application to increase the range of national fiat currencies users can view in their mobile wallet profiles.

February 7th, Switcheo integrated WebUSB support into its platform, which connects to Ledger hardware wallets on Ethereum and allows users to connect to Switcheo on Windows without triggering Windows Security popups.

February 7th, Switcheo announced it is delaying the transition from SWTH to GAS to pay for fees in Neo-based market trades. Switcheo cites the recent coronavirus epidemic as the primary delay in implementing the changes. The transition was initially planned to take place on February 12th, but has been tentatively rescheduled for Wednesday, February 19th.

February 7th, Nash held its quarterly report event, which was a live-streamed presentation that focussed on Building and Iterating in Q4 2019. The event offered an overview of the progress achieved in applied research, security, and user experience (UX) throughout the platform, and the announcement of the tentative launch of Nash Pay in Q2 2020, among others.


February 12th: Neo Colorado meetup – Denver, US.