NEO founder Da Hongfei was invited to attend Binance’s Blockchain Week 2019 on January 22nd in Singapore to deliver a keynote speech. Hongfei’s talk was titled “Blockchain & Smart Economy,” in which he shared his views on blockchain and the future of the Smart Economy.

On January 25th, NEO Global Development (NGD) ecosystem growth (EG) manager, Lil Zhao, moderated a panel of individuals in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry at the World Economic Forum that took place in Davos, Switzerland. The focus of the discussion was oriented on the “Smart Economy on Blockchain: Digital Assets, Digital Identity, and Regulations.”

Also on the 25th, community group NEO Colorado hosted its second meetup in Denver, US. The theme of the evening centered on NEO’s path to network decentralization. A presentation delivered at the meetup consisted of a brief overview of types of decentralization and NEO’s approach to decentralizing its consensus nodes. Also discussed was the application process to operate a consensus node, and a case study using O3 Labs as an example candidate.


January 21st, QLC Chain provided a bi-weekly report, which highlighted the launch of its WinQ v2.0 dApp alongside information on how WGAS can be earned and used to pay for VPN services. Moving forward, QLC aims to complete integration of its VM and smart contracts, conduct TPS testing, and define external storage for smart contracts.

January 22nd, BlaCat released its weekly report outlining the previous week’s progress, and development plans for the next week. Progress included finishing parts of the MainNet and TestNet for ZoroChain, and API functionality improvements.

January 22nd, Effect.AI released a newsletter outlining its progress, development, and plans for January and the rest of 2019. Its token, EFX, was recently added to Blockfolio’s “Signals” program, which allows the Effect.AI team to communicate directly with investors who are tracking the EFX token in the app. Effect.AI’s ambassador program goes live on February 1st, 2019, with 49 ambassadors selected who will encourage productive community activity and contributions. 

January 23rd, Endorsit published a weekly report detailing the development of its decentralized content ecosystem. Highlights include updating the Android app to v1.0.25, and Endorsit’s domestic operating company, named Ningbo Fengkou Network Technology co LTD, hosted an annual meeting. Lastly, registration for the NEO dApp Global Blockchain Application Challenge is currently open, with a deadline of March 9th, 2019.

January 24th, O3 Labs announced its O3 Swap feature is now live. O3 Swap allows users to easily make purchases of NEO, GAS, and ONT tokens without trading on an exchange. Included in the announcement was the development of a “soon to be released” fiat gateway for the O3 Wallet. The gateway will offer NEO purchases directly using Visa and MasterCard. O3 Labs has also released its “Stakeology” app for the O3 desktop wallet, which allows users to stake their ONT tokens with an Ontology consensus node, directly from the O3 Wallet.

January 24th, Alphacat announced its GitHub page has been updated to include its two newest fintech tools: the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Index and Cryptocurrency Risk Analysis Bot (CRAB). The CRAB is used to analyze the relative risk profile of different cryptocurrencies. Whereas the ACE Top Index is a weighted cryptocurrency index that represents the performance of the ten largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

January 25th, Narrative announced its content drafting tools are online and functional in preparation for the March 2019 release of the beta Narrative platform. Narrative’s content drafting feature will be combined with February’s planned incremental rollouts of user onboarding tools, followed by content viewing, rating, and streaming in March, before the beta goes live.

January 25th, nOS introduced nOS ID, which allows developers to build web apps that integrate with cryptocurrencies using the stack they are most comfortable using. nOS ID is among the latest initiatives from nOS to “make crypto web app development as simple as possible.”

January 25th, Nash has finalized and released the NEX token staking contract. The smart contract allows NEX (Nash Exchange) token holders to stake their tokens in return for a portion of fees generated by the exchange. The team has made the contract open-source to preserve transparency and allow users to personally audit the code.

January 27th, Trinity Protocol released an overview of 2018 and its vision for the upcoming year. The article highlighted Trinity’s token converter that allows for cross-chain development on NEO and other platforms, the release of the Trinity Wallet, and the first release of the NEO state channel. Trinity iterated “for the immediate future Neo is Trinity’s number 1 priority.” Lastly, the team plans to highlight an “undisclosed piece of work that has only recently been signed off” at NEO DevCon.

Token Listings

Alchemint’s SDUSD lists on CoinMex.


February 16th and 17th: NEO DevCon (Seattle, US)