Neo released a general monthly report for Dec. 2021, which noted the launch of the Neospective creative content campaign, the introduction of Neo Foundation’s three new grant programs, and various updates from dApps and partners within the ecosystem.

NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss joined a Twitter Spaces channel moderated by Digifox Founder and CEO Nicolas Merten. In the conversation, deVadoss talked about previous entrepreneurial and Microsoft experience, developing industry-leading developer tools for Neo N3, and more.

Developer Groups

AxLabs released a new installment of the neow3j toolkit, updating it with new fee optimizations for smart contracts, among other changes. Release v3.15.0 brings new features to the devpack as well as improvements to the documentation and examples found at The devpack was the most updated area of the neow3j codebase in the latest update.

COZ announced updates to Ledger functionality. Updates include user-friendly verification screens for vote transaction detection, and the removal of custom contracts limits to enable usage on platforms like Flamingo Finance.

Neo SPCC released NeoGo v0.98.1, featuring new optimizations, bug fixes, and a number of changes to the compiler. The changes were accompanied by documentation updates and a new NEP-11 example, demonstrating how divisible NFTs can be implemented on Neo N3 using Go.


Jan. 31, Lyrebird announced the algorithmic stablecoin and synthetic coin protocol is tentatively scheduled to launch in March 2022. The team also released a roadmap for Q1 2022 outlining various tasks.

Jan. 31, GhostMarket’s GM governance token was listed on the Vulkania blockchain data aggregation website.

Jan. 31, Humswap concluded the airdrop of 2,569 Ant NFTs to 374 wallets. In addition to each Ant NFT (ANS), a corresponding Ant Perpetuity NFT (ANC) was also minted and distributed. ANC NFTs grant the owners portions of all future sales of its linked Ant NFT.

Feb. 1, Flamingo launched support for Ledger following the release of a new version of the Neo Ledger app. Once the update has been completed on the Ledger device, users can connect to Flamingo via Neon Wallet.

Feb. 1, Flamboyant Flamingos named the 50 community members from the Neo ecosystem to receive an NFT from the project.

Feb. 1, GhostMarket founder Vincent Geneste joined MEXC Global’s 26 Questions YouTube series to discuss the cross-chain NFT marketplace.

Feb. 2, TOTHEMOON announced it is hosting an upcoming series of daily auctions for 120 unique NFTs. The auctions begin on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022, with one set of 20 auctions per day through Tuesday, Feb. 15. Each auction starts at 6:00 p.m. (UTC) and concludes after 24 hours. Users will be bidding for Moon Duo NFTs, which comprise two character types and offer both Moon and Cryptonaut Points.

Feb. 2, Everstake released a video tutorial walking users through Neo N3’s governance process.

Feb. 3, Flamingo hosted a live discussion during the final hour of the auction of the Save the Flamingos charity NFT series. The proceeds from the NFT series will go toward researching flamingos at the Wildlife Institute of India. The actual auction of the NFTs took place on GhostMarket.