NEO Global Development (NGD) released its monthly ecosystem report for June. The monthly report highlighted the neo-cli v2.10.2 MainNet upgrade, which was designed to improve the stability of the NEO blockchain. Further, 2.10.2 is the first neo-cli version to implement NEO’s optimized dBFT 2.0 consensus mechanism. The report also includes progress updates from NGD Seattle, NGD Shanghai, community developer groups, as well as new exchange listings for NEO and NEP-5 tokens.

NGD launched a 21-day online developer training camp. The course, which is written in Chinese, aims to teach participants about NEO’s underlying principles and how to write smart contracts. Three NGD developers from the research and development (R&D) department will participate as tutors during the training camp.

NGD hosted a live Telegram AMA on the topic of its NEO EcoBoost program. Songping Que, an NGD marketing specialist, moderated the live AMA, with questions answered by NEO representatives John Wang, NGD head of ecosystem growth, Yuan Gao, NGD head of marketing, and Longfei Wang, NGD blockchain developer.

NGD announced it is participating in the Cointime Summit taking place in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, on Thursday, July 25th. John Wang will deliver a speech on NEO’s EcoBoost Initiative. Following the event, NGD will hold a community meetup to discuss NEO3 and EcoBoost with the Vietnamese NEO community.

NEO co-founder Erik Zhang participated in an AMA hosted on the HackerNoon community forum, where he discussed the vision for NEO3, dBFT 2.0, and his work as a core developer.

John deVadoss, head of NGD Seattle, was interviewed by BTC TV to discuss the NEO blockchain and its increasing focus on developers. deVadoss also addressed the office’s ambition to provide an “F5 experience,” where a developer is able to code, test, debug, and deploy with ease.

NNT Catch Up

NGD participated in the Crypto Valley Conference (CVC) on blockchain technology, which took place in Zug, Switzerland at the end of June. NEO’s participants included Lili Zhao, Swiss director of Ecosystem Growth, and Dr. Guilherme Sperb Machado, founder of Neow3j, who delivered a presentation and a workshop.

Alchemint acknowledged its users had been experiencing issues when attempting to convert SNEO to NEO on its stablecoin issuance platform. The Alchemint team has cited problems stemming from the transaction fee changes in the neo-cli v2.10.2 update. After two weeks of troubleshooting, Alchemint claimed it had not yet identified the issue. Should users wish to convert their SNEO into NEO, they will need to contact Alchemint and a member of the team will handle the conversion manually.

Developer Groups

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released its two bi-weekly reports for June, emphasizing the development of its NNSDEX and NELSwap projects. NEL confirmed that the NNSDEX will be accessed via its Teemo chrome extension wallet. According to the team, the trading section of the DEX has been completed and tested. The contract for NELSwap has now been completed, alongside the trade, exchange, and pool management web page designs.

Although both the NNSDEX and NELSwap contract are functionally complete, they are currently unavailable for release, reportedly due to restrictions stemming from the current NEO transaction fee strategy.

NEL announced FutureDAO, a new community that is seeking to develop a new project fundraising mechanism. Currently, the community is discussing the DAICO concept, which adds additional layers of governance and stakeholder management into existing fundraising solutions.

NeoResearch hosted a community meetup in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Saturday, July 6th. In a previous conversation with NEO News Today, NeoResearch media manager Thays Oliveira said, “we want participants to understand more about the NEO atmosphere, the interaction between NEO and blockchain, NEO-VM, and to learn how to develop a smart contract.”

O3 Labs announced it is seeking five individuals to share how they use O3 Labs products, cryptocurrencies, and to test early prototypes of new features in development for O3 applications.


July 1st, Moonlight released its fortnightly report, which highlighted recent development progress on profile link sharing and the creation of a “What is Moonlight Lux (LX)” page, among other activities. In the past two weeks, the team reported implementing front-end and back-end features on the platform, as well as the finalization of its marketing onboarding video.

July 1st, NeoWorld released its weekly report, which highlighted a recent NEOLand auction, a collaborative auction with CryptoMotors, and the distribution of NASH tokens to reward community participation.

July 2nd, Switcheo announced that direct purchasing of NEO and Ethereum via credit card is now available. Buyers will receive purchased NEO and ETH directly in their connected Switcheo wallets. The purchase feature uses Simplex as a payment processor and was developed in cooperation with Japan’s O3 Labs.

July 2nd, O3 Labs updated its mobile and desktop applications, both of which now support “most major cryptocurrencies” due to a recent integration with Coinbase Connect. Coinbase Connect allows users to link their Coinbase account with O3. O3 claims the service will enable users to buy NEO using their Coinbase account funds without needing to use another exchange.

July 2nd, Nash Exchange announced its next quarterly report event will take place on Saturday, July 27th in Boston, US. The topic of the event is “performance and payments.”

July 2nd, Alphacat released its bi-weekly report for the second half of June, which highlighted 94 applications in the ACAT Store, and real-time testing of its AI forecasting trading system for cryptocurrency futures.

July 3rd, Switcheo released an updated roadmap for Q3 2019, which includes development progress on its new chain, Switcheo Chain. Work includes a custom block explorer to view Switcheo transactions, and an updated whitepaper outlining Switcheo Chain’s features and design. Switcheo is also implementing updates to its Ethereum contract, planning a referral program, and making further UI improvements.

July 4th, Alchemint business manager Harvey Xu participated on a panel about Facebook’s Libra coin. Other participants included representatives from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute, Alipay’s Antfin, and Quark Chain.

Alchemint also released its monthly report for June 2019, which highlighted an increase in SDUSD issuance for the fourth month in a row, acknowledged issues with transactions cancelling, and offered a solution for users by allowing GAS fees to be attached to transactions.

July 4th, Jarvis+ announced it is coordinating with Microsoft on hosting an AI-focused hackathon. The hackathon will be held in conjunction with the launch of the MASS engine, Microsoft’s next-generation AI engine.

July 5th, TranslateMe, announced it officially has 22,561,398 TMN tokens in supply following various IEO events.


July 10th & 11th: NEO ecosystem at Barcelona Trading Conference – Barcelona, ES.

July 25th: NEO meetup – Ho Chi Minh, VT.