NEO Global Development (NGD) has issued its monthly report for June 2019. NGD releases its monthly report in an effort to keep the community informed on NEO ecosystem progress, technical developments, and events for the month. An infographic version of the NGD monthly report can be found here.

Neo-cli v2.10.2 Upgrades

The report cites NGD Shanghai’s completion of the NEO consensus node upgrade to v2.10.2 and revision of all related technical documentation to the latest version.

The neo-cli v2.10.2 upgrade was designed to improve the stability of the NEO blockchain and is the first version to implement NEO’s optimized dBFT 2.0 consensus mechanism. The upgrade also intends to prevent ‘the block fork issue,’ reduce the frequency of delays caused by consensus node failures, and more clearly define how transaction priority and fees are calculated.

Below are more detailed NEO News Today coverage of the neo-cli v2.10.2 upgrade:

NGD Progress

NGD reported an investment in and partnership with Liquefy, a Hong Kong-based company focusing on the digitization of digital securities and assets, in an effort to develop a “NEO based security token ecosystem” with securities being issued as tokens on the NEO blockchain. Liquefy claims to have “developed a comprehensive compliance protocol for over 50 jurisdictions” and that its “core offerings include tokenization technology, digital register of members, and corporate action management tools.” Liquefy is a participating member of the Digital Asset Alliance (DAA) established by NGD earlier this year.

NGD also assisted in the release of the NEO Foundation’s mid-year preliminary financial report and launched phase one of the $100m NEO EcoBoost plan, a program aimed to provide NEO-based projects with financial assistance along with a support network to encourage ecosystem growth. 

Furthermore, the report noted that NGD Seattle has begun running the NEO3 code base on its internal PrivateNet while NGD Shanghai has completed 70% of the NEO3 white paper.

NGD is currently hiring for the following positions:

  • NGD Shanghai tech lead
  • Associate manager, Ecosystem Growth
  • Senior coordinator, Talent Acquisition
  • Specialist, Overseas Media Relations
  • Content editor
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Blockchain integration engineer
  • Blockchain software developer

Those interested in applying to the above positions should email for more information.

Developer Community

NGD’s monthly report includes developments from a number of NEO developer communities. 

NEO St. Petersburg Competence Center (NEO SPCC) was voted in as a NEO TestNet consensus node host on June 28th, 2019. NEO SPCC will be required to successfully maintain its TestNet node for six months to be eligible for NEO MainNet election. 

NEO SPCC is known for its development work on NEO’s upcoming distributed storage network, NeoFS. This developer community also attended WECONF 2019 as a speaker and the Digital Breakthrough Hackathon as judges, with both events held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

NewEconoLabs reported progress on the auction and purchase functionality using CGAS and NNC for its NNSDEX, an exchange for .neo domain names. NEL also upgraded Teemo Wallet, a browser extension wallet for NEO similar to Ethereum’s MetaMask, to fit the v2.10.2 upgrade. The upgrade fixed bugs and automatically adds network fees to transactions larger than 1,024 bytes.

COZ continued making updates to the Neon Wallet including iterations on UX/designs, a feature to sign transactions in “offline mode,” and a feature to view encrypted key QR codes.

The report also detailed progress by NeoResearch, Neow3j, NEXT and NEO-ONE development communities which can be found in the original report.


According to the monthly report, NEO is now listed on a total of 74 exchanges with the addition of NEO support by PIEXGO and NEO/GAS support by BitKan. The NEP-5 token standard also saw increased adoption by Probit, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange. Additionally, MagicCube (MCC) has been listed on Bitmart and Coinsuper while Zorochain (ZORO) was listed on PIEXGO.

The full NGD monthly report can be found below: