The Neo Foundation opened registration for Neo Council candidacy. The Neo Council will be tasked with maintaining the network’s health and liveness. Of the 21 elected members, the seven with the most votes will become consensus nodes responsible for validating blocks on Neo. Council members will vote on issues impacting the state of the Neo network, such as blockchain parameters (i.e., fees) and electing other onchain roles (i.e., oracle nodes, NeoFS ring nodes).

Neo Global Development announced the launch of the N3 Early Adoption Program, aimed at incentivizing development on the new Neo blockchain. The program has allocated US $10 million in grants, which will go to qualified teams and individuals. Interested parties can submit their applications through September 2021.

The Planathon phase of the Neo Frontier Launchpad concluded on Monday, June 7, and the Development phase began on June 12. Participants have until July 12, 2021 to submit their final deliverable for the event. 

NGD Enterprise released an updated version of the Neo Pet Shop, a sample N3 application that provides a starting point for Neo developers

Developer Groups

NeoResearch released the first version of NeoCompiler Eco for N3 RC3. The browser-based tool provides an all-in-one environment for smart contract development with all basic N3 functionality. With the tool, developers can get started with Neo contract development without installing anything on their local machine.

NeoResearch released an academic publication about the development of a smart account composer for the Neo blockchain, designed to be used in smart city governance processes. The SMart ACcount COmposer, or SMACCO, is a new mechanism for automatically creating smart accounts and using digital identities for voting on citywide issues.

NEO-ONE released a compatible N3 RC3 compatible version of its library and SDK. 

Neo SPCC released an overview of deploying NeoFS storage nodes. The article described two sources of income for NeoFS storage nodes, a basic income and data audit payments. Basic income rates happen once an epoch and are determined by a committee. Data audits are triggered if a special storage group is created in a container and are paid per the price attribute of a storage node. 


June 8, GhostMarket announced a community challenge for artists to create NFTs on the marketplace and explorer platform. 

June 9, TranslateMe announced the first integration of the Italian language into v1.1 API.

June 9, Poly Network established strategic cooperations with GXChain, a blockchain-based data economy, DePlutus Protocol, a decentralized social trading asset management protocol, and HubDao, a DeFi ecosystem that places a high value on governance.

June 10, Poly Network announced a partnership with Babylons, an NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain. 

June 10, DeepBrain Chain established a Council, a decentralized on-chain governance group that will initially be comprised of 13 members. 

June 10, Poly Network established a partnership with Golff Finance, a one-stop services encrypted bank. 

June 12, Poly Network established a partnership with Demodyfi, a cross-chain AMM DEX built on Polkadot’s Moonbeam. 

June 12, GhostMarket announced the Legacy Collection, which will showcase a hand-selected collection of purchases from drops, contest winners, and extraordinary artwork.


June 22: Neo Colorado is hosting an informal meetup in Denver, CO, US.