Neo released the N3 RC3 node version and pushed it live to the N3 TestNet. The N3 TestNet was upgraded to RC3 on May 30 by Neo Global Development. The new build includes a number of fixes and optimizations since the previous iteration, alongside a couple of new features. Most notably, developers can find the new Base58Check encode and decode methods in the StdLib native contract. In the command line, users will find a more explicit unvote function and a new method to fetch a target account’s vote choice and NEO balance.

NGD released a combined monthly report for April and May 2021, which noted development efforts into N3 RC2 and RC3 TestNet, contributions from global developer communities, marketing and outreach activities, plus more. 

NGD participated in an AMA on Reddit to discuss the Neo Frontier Launchpad. Topics of discussion included number of registrants for the Planathon phase, plans to offer an overview of project submissions, digital identity and governance, and more.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted Vladimir Tomko, CEO and co-founder of the Blockchain Cuties collectible adventure game on episode 54 of the NNT podcast. Discussion topics included Blockchain Cuties gameplay, why the team chose Neo as one of its supported blockchains, the importance of in-game economic models, the evolving NFT market, and more.

In the interview, Tomko talked about how Blockchain Cuties offers new and distinct NFT markets by building on the experiences it has gained operating a blockchain-based game since 2018. He also delved further into the perception of art versus utility in NFTs, as well as bringing users to the Neo blockchain

COZ announced the winners of its recent internal hackathon, Flyby. COZ held the event as a friendly competition designed to test its N3 tools before the Neo Frontier Launchpad event. The unanimous first-place project was called Crypsydra, a streaming payments service which made use of a Python smart contract compiled with Boa, alongside a Neon.js-based web app. Two projects tied for second place, BetOnFlyby and Neo Voting Statistics.

Developer Groups

NEXT released a combined April and May 2021 monthly report, which noted primary development efforts focusing on N3 RC2, and improving its wallet, browser, development tools, and other related infrastructure services for the N3 TestNet.

Neo SPCC released an RC3-compatible version of NeoGo, a node, SDK, and compiler written in Go. Changes chiefly focus on core protocol alignment, but also notably include new compiler and CLI improvements. The new update also includes improvements for local variable handling in the compiler, and bug fixes across the RPC service, VM CLI, and NNS contract.


June 1, Poly Network released its monthly report for May 2021, noting the protocol has facilitated more than US $5 billion in cross-chain activity. It also reported the integration of OKExChain as its tenth blockchain network, the adding of an NFT cross-chain trade bridge, and new partnerships with DOVU, Lever, OKExChain, Tapmydata, HDX, TradeStars, Bytom, StackOS, DigiCol. 

June 1, DeepBrain Chain released a video tutorial for nominating and voting for DBC MainNet supernodes.

June 1, QLC Chain announced a trading competition that will take place on the Binance custodial exchange offering $30,000 in QLC prizes. 

June 2, Flamingo Finance distributed FLM rewards to the top traders who participated in the second Perp trading competition. 

June 3, Nash integrated support for the 1inch DEX aggregator, offering users swaps with exchanges that offer the best rates. 

June 3, Poly Network established a partnership with Alpha Quark, a marketplace where users can buy or sell tokenized intellectual property assets. 

June 3, TranslateMe updated its Portuguese API to v1.3. 

June 3, Switcheo released its May 2021 update, which noted adjusted pool weights that affect nNEO, SWTH, and other tokens, the launch of a new Demex website UI, the listing of Demex on CoinMarketCap, and much more. 

June 3, integrated NEO into their shopping portal that connects with e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and many more. The platform offers a 2% discount and free international shipping when purchasing with NEO.

June 3, DeepBrain Chain released its fortnightly report, which noted the implementation of MainNet and issuance of DBC rewards to testers, growing to more than 18,000 users, plus more. 

June 4, Poly Network established a strategic partnership with CoinWind, an intelligent DeFi mining platform.