Neo Global Development hosted the first episode of DevLog with Harry Pierson, NGD Enterprise lead architect. DevLog is a live developer discussion aimed at offering updates on tooling and infrastructure, and connecting the broader blockchain community with subject matter experts in the Neo ecosystem. The episode was hosted on the official Neo Discord over voice chat and was not recorded. 

NGD accepted Polychain Monsters into the N3 Early Adoption Program. Polychain Monsters is a cross-blockchain, play-to-earn game based on NFT collectibles that incorporates DeFi elements. Players can stake and farm Polychain Monster NFTs, and earn portions of the proceeds from the sale of booster pack collections. Neo will become the fourth network to be supported in Polychain Monsters, with the team aiming to launch booster packs on the Neo N3 network in Q2 2022. In the coming months, Polychain Monsters will release a Neo-exclusive character.

John Tan, CEO of Alchemy Pay, joined NGD’s AMA series, Neo Live, on Wednesday, Nov. 17. Alchemy Pay is a hybrid crypto-fiat gateway and payment services provider used by more than 3,000 physical businesses and major eCommerce platforms like Shopify. In the AMA, Tan discussed the hybrid cryptocurrency and fiat-based services Alchemy Pay offers, partnerships the team has established across traditional business and blockchain sectors, the purpose of the ACH token, and next steps.

Aleksandr Tetiukhin, Everstake’s Neo blockchain manager, joined Neo Live on Thursday, Nov. 18. Everstake is a staking services provider that aims to run highly secure and reliable nodes for Proof of Stake protocols using enterprise-level hardware. AMA discussion topics included the origins of Everstake as a services provider, how Everstake participates in Neo’s governance process, and how Everstake overcomes the risks associated with validating nodes across multiple blockchains.

Neo co-founder Da Hongfei responded to a keynote speech by China President Xi Xinping at the 4th CIEE. He noted that blockchain solutions can answer the demands of global enterprise processes.

John Wang, NGD head of Eco Growth, participated in an AMA on the BigONE exchange official Telegram channel. In the AMA, Wang discussed Neo’s process of upgrading and migrating to N3, new features in N3, and a roadmap for the ecosystem.   

Developer Groups

COZ released Neon Wallet v2.10.0, the first formal release to include WalletConnect support and governance voting capability. The Quickvote dApp has been updated alongside the release for use until the official Neo governance portal completes its WalletConnect integration. The new Neon Wallet build is also the first to include support for NFT assets following the NEP-11 standard.


Nov. 16, Nash released an article outlining interest rates in the traditional financial sector, negative impacts on retail savers, blockchain solutions for empowering retail savers, and how Nash is building a bridge between traditional finance and DeFi for all users.

Nov. 16, Neo community member, Stinkybadass, launched a community competition rewarding participants with GAS or a Neoverse NFT. To participate, entrants must bid on a series of NFTs on GhostMarket, three of which contain a first, second, or third place prize. Winners will be announced the week of Nov. 29.

Nov. 17, Humswap announced it will launch Neo’s first algorithmically generated NFTs, BOWL, at 8:00 p.m. (UTC) on Friday, Dec. 3, 2021. The team intends for BOWL NFTs to be the staple of the Humswap platform, offering owners exclusive benefits such as access to a members-only portal, games, and airdrops. There will be a total supply of 10,000 BOWL minted – each with a cost of 30 GAS. BOWL NFTs will be minted on

Nov. 18, Flamingo released plans for allocating its GAS rewards earned from bNEO used for staking and providing liquidity on the DeFi platform. The team intends to distribute its GAS income toward security, adoption, development, and the team.

Nov. 20, Galaxz released a white paper outlining its token economic model and the features and gameplay of its sci-fi space-based MMORPG.