Neo Global Development (NGD) released its October monthly report, which highlighted the third anniversary of Neo’s MainNet launch, a branding revamp, Neo3 development, progress made by the various community developer groups, online and offline events attended, and the listing of NEO on Binance US.

Neo3’s product owner and Neo core developer, Ricardo Prado (@ricklock), participated in a Neo News Today interview with Colin Closser. The pair discussed putting the customer first, Neo’s user experience, and the challenges of working with a heavily distributed team of individual contributors.

Neo and nahmii, a scaling and interoperability service, announced a partnership to add support for Neo to its Layer-2 protocol. The service aims to increase performance, minimize latency, and lower transaction fees on supported platforms such as Ethereum, Neo, and Rootstock. Support for Neo on nahmii is planned to go live in 2020

Yezcoin participated in NGD’s English Neo Live ask me anything (AMA) event. Yezcoin founder and CEO, Mongkol Thitithamasak, discussed the philosophy behind the Yezcoin platform, how Yezcoin aims to improve the KYC/AML process, products, and services Yezcoin currently offers.

NGD announced it is hosting its first meetup in Kyiv, Ukraine, at 7:00 pm on Thursday, November 7th. Neo representatives will include Neo Foundation communications manager, Grace Gui, NGD EcoGrowth associate manager, Denis Suslov, and Neo blockchain engineer at NGD Shanghai, Steven Liu. Additionally, a local Neo partner will be announced at the event, along with a presentation from its representative.

NGD Seattle lead, John deVadoss, was interviewed by Ashton Addison of EventChain, and Rimma Trukhina of U.Today.

Additionally, deVadoss published an article on CryptoSlate entitled “How blockchain technology can save AI,” in which he discussed the current popularity of AI, the long-term challenges of the machine learning industry, and how blockchain can assist with its development.

NNT Catch Up

Nash released its quarterly report for Q3 2019, titled Operations and Mobile, in which it discusses the launch of its MVP platform and current development efforts. Nash Exchange launched on September 18th with ETH and NEO cross-chain trading and a fiat ramp marketplace, with plans to implement support for non-custodial Bitcoin trading in Q4 2019.

Developer Groups

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released an article about AVM, modularization, and assembler. Additionally, the team released its fortnightly report, which outlines a variety of updates to the Neo3 Neo-SDK-ts, as well as NEL Labs’ research into smart contract wallet universal logins.

NEXT released its monthly report for October, which highlighted updates to the NeoLine Wallet, The Token, Blolys Browser, and the announcement of a new online class series.

NeoResearch had two of its academic papers accepted to the international Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) conference in Campo Grande, Brazil. The first paper focuses on combining NeoVM, microcontrollers, and Smart Home/Smart City concepts. The second paper focuses on novel consensus technology and its connection to Timed Automata theory.

Neo St Petersburg Competence Center (NeoSPCC) updated its website, which also allows visitors to test the NeoFS storage via HTTP gate on the new website.


October 29th, QLC Chain announced an all-time high of NEP-5 QLC tokens staked, at 76 million QLC.

October 29th, Switcheo announced the launch of a referral program, which offers 50% in trading fee bonuses and a pool of an equivalent of US $40,000 in BTC to be distributed amongst successful participants.

October 29th, Novem COO, Fouad Soultana, released an article offering an overview of Neo blockchain and why Novem incorporates Neo into its tech stack.

October 29th, imusify was listed on Switcheo with a NEO/IMU trading pair. An IMU trading competition will also run from October 30th through November 13th on the Switcheo platform. The trading competition has a prize pool consisting of 400,000 IMU tokens.

October 30th, NeoLogin announced it has integrated with, which allows users the ability to access both the NeoEconomy dApp and store with the same NeoLogin ID.

October 30th, Binance US listed NEO, offering the NEO/USD and NEO/USDT trading pairs. The NEO coin listing on Binance US marks the first US dollar and NEO trading pair on any US-based exchange.

October 30th, VIBEHub announced a ‘VIBE OR DIE’ NEO Competition with an equivalent of US $2,500 in NEO in a prize pool for distribution amongst winners. The first-person shooter (FPS) game competition runs until 6:00 am (UTC -0) on Saturday, November 30th, 2019.

October 30th, Guardian Circle announced the launch of version 3.0 of its iOS and Android application, and the addition of new members to its advisory board.

October 31st, Bridge Protocol released version 2.0 of the Bridge Passport Extension, updated its Bridge Protocol SDK, and implemented upgrades to its network. Updates to the SDK are claimed to further decentralize the Bridge Network.

October 31st, Trinity Protocol released its fortnightly update, which included the addition of Trinity code line to neo-cli and defining the Trinity plugin for Neo.

October 31st, Switcheo released an updated development roadmap for Q4 2019. In the announcement, Switcheo looks back at its Ethereum smart contract upgrade and its referral program, and forward towards upcoming support for Bitcoin and potential development directions for the Switcheo Chain.

November 1st, FutureDAO updated to v2.0.1, which includes a financing management deployment contract, the addition of a multitude of functionality, and the development of an Ethereum crawler system.

November 2nd, Jarvis+ released an article outlining the various uses and applications of its natural language processing (NLP) algorithm.

Token Listings

IMU listed on Switcheo.

NEO listed on Binance US.


November 7th: Neo meetup – Kyiv, Ukraine.

November 14th: NeoFest – Singapore, SG.

November 20th: Neo Colorado meetup – Denver, US.