NEO Global Development (NGD) released its NEO Global Monthly Report for September. The monthly report highlights the NEO Community Assembly in Shanghai, the launch of NEO3 Preview1, NEO joining the .NET foundation, and the release of the 2019 mid-year financial report. NEO News Today released a new format for publishing the monthly report.

NEO co-founder and core developer, Erik Zhang, and NGD Seattle lead, John deVadoss, co-authored an article on blockchain consensus mechanisms for the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) magazine. The article was published in the magazine’s October 2019 edition and provides an introduction to blockchain technology, the role of consensus protocols, and the advantages offered by NEO’s dBFT.

Two dApp explorer websites, and, have added support for NEO-based decentralized applications. The websites each aim to make discovering new dApps simple for users and offer analytical data such as transaction volume and daily user counts for applications spread across numerous blockchains.

CardMaker participated in NGD‘s English NEO LIVE; an Ask Me Anything (AMA) style community event that takes place on the official NEO Telegram channel. CardMaker founder, Wizard, and team member, Monster, participated in the AMA, discussing the gaming platform, its economic models, winning first place at the NEO Game Competition, trying to list on the Steem platform, and more.

NGD, NeoResearch, and Neow3j attended Ethereum’s fifth DevCon in Osaka, Japan.

NNT Catch Up

Switcheo released its SWTH Token Usage report for Q3 2019, which detailed the number of tokens removed from circulation through trading fees on the Switcheo Exchange. In Q3 2019, 2,283,653 SWTH tokens were locked in NEO-based contracts, and an additional 1,258,971 SWTH tokens were locked from Ethereum and EOS-based fees. Q3 2019’s total token burn was nearly one million SWTH lower than the previous quarter.

Head of NGD Seattle, John deVadoss, participated in a YouTube interview titled “An Honest Conversation” with Alex Saunders. In the interview, deVadoss discussed platforms, competition and price, NEO3, consensus mechanisms, gaming, the global distribution of NEO developers, and NEO’s dual-token model.

Developer Groups

Neow3j’s founder, Guil Machado, was the most recent guest on episode 15 of the NEO News Today Podcast.  Discussion topics include Guil’s background, Neow3j features and use cases, and working at the Trust Square coworking space in Zurich.

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released an overview tutorial of its recently launched NeoRay v2.0. The tutorial includes pictures and descriptions of the login, an introduction to the front page, writing or loading a smart contract file, deploying a contract, calling a contract, and debugging a contract.

NEO St Petersburg Competence Center (NEO SPCC) released a web-based tool called Send.NeoFS, which acts as an example integration of its HTTP gateway protocol. The site allows anyone to upload a file to the NeoFS TestNet, which generates a link that can be shared as desired.


October 7th, NeoLogin announced itself as a web-based wallet solution that aims to provide a user-friendly, non-custodial service. The project is also designed to be easily integrated by NEO dApps to provide a familiar, universal login experience for users.

October 7th, Aphelion disabled trading for all markets on its non-custodial exchange, except for the NEO/GAS trading pair. Before the suspension, Aphelion traded 16 different NEP-5 tokens against NEO, GAS, SDUSD, and APH markets.

October 7th, TranslateMe added Indonesian language support to its Telegram Translation application on iOS and Android.

October 7th, YezCoin extended the deadline to register for its YEZ airdrop to Tuesday, October 15th.

October 8th, Aphelion announced it is taking steps to shut down its non-custodial exchange, citing that “the market has finally taken its toll.”

October 8th, Novem released its Q3 2019 gold audit report, which was prepared by external auditing firm, Grant Thornton. The audit verified Novem holds 21kg of gold in its storage facility and that there is an equivalent 2.1 million NNN tokens in circulation.

October 8th, Jarvis+ released its fortnightly report, which highlighted updates to its WeChat integration, an AMA event with the Blockchain Technology Community of Universities, and the co-hosting of an event with Microsoft.

October 8th, QLC Chain announced a token lock-up and referral program for Q-Wallet users, which aims to incentivize network and wallet activity. Additionally, the team released a video tutorial instructing users on how to stake QLC for QGas rewards. In addition to the lending contract, QLC Chain is launching a referral program. Current platform users can share a unique referral code with individuals that have not registered a Q-Wallet.

October 8th, Narrative’s Publications feature went live, which allows for the creation of branded channels for organizations or publishers that wish to have tight editorial control of their content. Ownership of a Publication has an annual fee associated with it, with two pricing plans on offer: basic and business.

October 9th, Ontology announced its NEO-Ontology cross-chain demo is expected to be completed this week, enabling smart contracts to interact between the two blockchains. Additionally, the team aims to complete a cross-chain explorer demo this week as well.

October 9th, MixMarvel announced a 2 million GHT token giveaway in the build-up to the release of Ground Hunter. Ground Hunter is a blockchain-based first person shooter (FPS) that aims to become NEO and MixMarvel’s first large-scale FPS game.

October 10th, Switcheo’s non-custodial exchange was down for about six hours to upgrade to Switcheo Jasper, an updated Ethereum smart contract that aims to increase liquidity.

October 10th, Phantasma launched its MainNet blockchain, as well as released two wallets that will enable users to swap their NEP-5 SOUL for the native chain SOUL tokens.

October 10th, Alphacat released its fortnightly report, which included tests on its AI prediction model, and the listing of 104 apps in the ACAT Store.

October 11th, Alchemint released its monthly report for September, where the amount of service fees paid in SDS increased due to a drop in NEO’s price, causing users to seek avoiding the risk of the SAR mortgage rate dropping. Alchemint’s founder & CEO attended a NEO LIVE Chinese version AMA on WeChat. The topic of the live stream topic was entitled “Stablecoin SDUSD and how it applies in NEO Smart Economy.”

October 11th, QLC Chain released its fortnightly update, which included the Q-Wallet top-up plan, a QLC staking tutorial, and updates to the QLC blockchain.

October 12th, Guardian Circle co-founder and CEO, Mark Jeffrey, participated at Beginner Blockchain Day LA to talk about blockchain and Guardian Circle’s community emergency response network.

October 13th, QLC Chain’s senior R&D team lead, Chris Zhao, participated in a panel entitled ‘Blockchain in industrial IoT – The Next Big Thing?’ at the electronicAsia conference in Hong Kong.


October 19th: Nash Quarterly Event – Lisbon, Portugal.