Neo Global Development (NGD) extended the period in which Flamingo users could collect FLM as rewards for staking tokens in its Vault. The extended period, dubbed Mint Rush 2, also introduced the option for staking FLM. Mint Rush 2 allowed the Flamingo Swap launch to be delayed while it underwent further testing to “ensure an optimized user experience.” Mint Rush 2 ended at 11:00 UTC on October 5th.

NGD distributed 493,540 unallocated FLM that was generated during a period where the Mint Rush was delayed due to network overload. The FLM was distributed according to the weight of eligible assets held in participating addresses. The token distribution began at 3:00 pm (UTC) on Sunday, October 4th.

NGD hosted an AMA on the Flamingo Finance Discord channel with NEXT co-founder, Edison, to share what the team learned from the FLM Mint Rush. In the AMA, Edison discussed the history of NEXT, the team’s vision for the NeoLine wallet, issues that caused NeoLine to fail on the first day of the Mint Rush, future blockchain and hardware integration, and more.

NGD announced a strategy optimization for the Flamincome USDT pool, which is predicted to increase its APY to 15%. Deposited USDT assets will be gradually migrated to the new strategy automatically. The Flamingo Finance team notes that the Flamincome DAO will handle the ability to select and activate new strategies in the future.

The Neo Foundation (NF) refunded fees to users who deposited USDT to the Flamingo Finance protocol contract before 5:00 am (UTC) on Friday, September 26th, 2020.

Road to Neo3

Neo News Today (NNT) released a two part Road to Neo3 feature on Neo3’s proposed native domain name service. The first article provided background on why user-friendly account names are important to improving blockchain usability, and introduced the possibility of custom account name support at the Neo3 protocol level.

The second article outlined the solution under development for user-friendly account names in Neo3: domain names as non-fungible tokens (NFT). The article discussed the ongoing integration of the NEP-11 NFT token standard, and how NFTs will represent contract addresses, wallet addresses, and more.

NNT Catch Up

Alchemint is migrating half of its one billion SDS token supply to the Ethereum blockchain. Alchemint hopes by offering ERC-20 SDS, it can increase its user base and connect with more permissionless projects. Once Alchemint’s portal is ready, it intends to release a step-by-step guide for migrating NEP-5 tokens to the ERC-20 standard.

Developer Groups

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) updated its Neo2 Go node to v.0.78.0. The new version introduces the new getalltransfertx RPC call, which makes it easy for exchanges or other wallet holders to quickly generate a current list of transfers related to an account. Other changes include the ability to import/export state root, free GAS limit adjustments, and several other improvements implemented while following the neo-cli implementation.

Neow3j released v3.3.0 of its Java-based SDK, which most notably includes a new compiler and devpack for Neo3.

O3 Labs released v3.4.9 of its desktop O3 Wallet, which supports display after Ledger import, and setting GAS for transaction fees for Flamingo.

NEXT updated the NeoLine browser extension to v2.5.0, including UI prompts for users to backup their private keys.


September 28th, Switcheo become the first non-custodial exchange to list Flamingo Finance’s FLM token.

September 29th, TypeEarn announced a delay in the launch of its platform, citing technical issues.

September 30th, Nash discontinued eight trading markets, including GUARD/NEO and GUARD/ETH.

September 30th, O3 Labs integrated support for Blockchain Cuties in the O3 Wallet.

October 1st, Nash launched a beta liquidity mining program offering 100,000 NEX in rewards to participants. Nash is offering a weekly reward pool of 20,000 NEX to users who trade on its exchange. The rewards pool will be split between maker and taker volume, and the amount of NEX each user will receive is proportionate to the amount of volume they contribute to the platform.

October 2nd, Nash hosted backend engineer, Alan Peabody, on its podcast, Beyond the Chain, to discuss the importance of latency, how an order is processed, and how Nash uses Kafka in a novel way.

October 2nd, Nash released an abbreviated version of its weekly updates, which noted a new ability to update orders, fiat ramp improvements, stake completion notifications, and more.

October 3rd, Switcheo COO, Jack Yeu, participated in a three-hour Block Bytes panel discussion about DeFi. Blockchained India hosted the panel with representatives from Zilliqa and other blockchain-based projects.

October 4th, TranslateMe paused its Telegram-based TMN community contribution reward distributions as the platform transitions to the TranslateMe Market for contributors and customers.

Token Listings

Switcheo listed FLM for trading.

Binance listed FLM for trading.

OKEx listed FLM for trading.

FTX listed NEO for perpetual futures trading.

FTX listed FLM for perpetual futures trading.

Binance listed FLM for perpetual futures trading.

OKEx listed FLM for perpetual futures trading.


October 6th – 7th: Da Hongfei will speak at LA Blockchain Summit virtual conference.

October 10th: The Nash team will deliver its Q1 and Q2 2020 report via livestream.