Today the NEO Council released their monthly report, which is a summary of all the activity and progress made during the previous month. The November report details new hirings, progress on decentralization of consensus nodes, community contributions and events.

November saw four new members join the NEO core team. These were Caterina, who will be NEO’s new global marketing manager, Hebe, overseeing new media operations, Kris, who is a new addition to the overseas community operations, and Melody, who will assist with documentation and translations.

NEO also made preparations for the decentralization of consensus nodes as promised in the October monthly report. Through this process, consensus node improvements have been made resulting in shorter block times and faster GAS generation. At least 3 consensus nodes will be run by parties outside of NEO by the end of December.

Other notable moments from November were –

  • The announcement of NEO’s development competition co-hosted with Microsoft and featuring $490,000 in prizes
  • The announcement of NEO DevCon to be held in San Francisco in January
  • The launch of official Ledger support for NEO
  • The conclusion of the City of Zion dApp competition with 10 winners receiving 1350 GAS each
  • A number of events such as NEO JOY Hangzhou, China Open Source Conference 2017, and NEO’s first trip to the USA, visiting New York and San Francisco

NEO also noted the City of Zion dApp competition highlighted that there may be non-profit dApps that would be beneficial to the ecosystem prevented from being deployed to mainnet due to the high GAS cost. Any developers who find themselves in this position are invited to contact NEO to apply for sponsorship of dApp deployment. Case by case judgements will be made, and all smart contracts must already tested and functioning on testnet.

You can read the full November update here –