Neo has announced an upgrade of the N3 TestNet to the new RC2 version. The TestNet upgrade was performed by NGD on May 18, making it available for use by developers.

RC2 features a range of improvements since the last iteration. A new C# compiler has been created to provide a better development experience and deterministic compilation, which no longer relies on MSIL and instead reads directly from the C# code.

Other notable changes include the addition of a features field to the contract manifest, allowing for future expansion, and the addition of a Refuel function in the GasToken native contract. The team also added Base58Check encode/decode functions to the StdLib native contract, which enables contracts to easily convert between script hashes and addresses.

Core developers also added a set of regex rules to restrict the set of valid oracle filters with JSONPath, intended to ensure compatibility across different implementations. This was necessary due to differences in how JSON is implemented across different languages.

The original announcement can be read at the link below: