Neo Global Development announced the Neo Frontier Hackathon, an N3 launchpad event for developers that offers prizes and incubation opportunities. The event is scheduled to begin in late May 2021. NGD will release more information about the event in the coming week.

Neo will host an AMA with O3 Labs product lead, Tim Kuo, to talk about the O3 Swap cross-chain aggregator in the Neo ecosystem. Participants can expect to learn more about the mining mechanism for the O3 tokens and next steps for the team. 

Developer Groups

AxLabs senior software developer, Claude Müller, received the “Best Paper” award for his submission, “Æternum: A Decentralized Voting System with Unconditional Privacy,” to the 2021 IEEE ICBC conference. 

COZ released the neon.js JavaScript SDK compatible with Neo N3 RC2 and Python SDK bundled with blink VM. 


May 10, Poly Network released a manual for integrating the Poly Bridge to conduct a cross-chain NFT transaction. 

May 11, Jarvis released its fortnightly report, which noted the ongoing development of its auxiliary dialogue generation tool.

May 11, O3 Labs announced the conclusion of its video contest and rewarded the top placing contestants. 

May 12, O3 Labs conducted a series of public token sales for its O3 token across various platforms. 

May 12, Switcheo announced it is establishing an ICS-20 SWTH token, increasing access to additional blockchains. Once Demex integrates ICS-20 markets, staked SWTH will also earn ICS-20 tokens from trading and other fees.

May 12, Flamingo Finance launched its second Perp competition, which will run until May 26.

May 12, O3 Labs communications director, Matt Powers, joined a Coin Telegraph AMA to discuss the O3 Swap, how it works, Swap’s features and functions, how it benefits users, and what makes it innovative.

May 13, QLC Chain announced a strategic cooperation with US MOBI to integrate billing and identity standards for a global electric vehicle network. 

May 13, MyMingo submitted its proposal to assume responsibility for the Flamingo platform. It is the first public submission since Flamingo announced the search for an independent team to take responsibility for the development and management of the platform. The proposal includes goals for a transition between the two teams, marketing ideas, and suggestions for new features.

May 14, O3 Labs announced that more than the equivalent of US $100 million in total value locked had been stored in its cross-chain stablecoin liquidity pool.

May 14, Poly Network announced a strategic partnership with HDX to enable cross-chain swapping for the non-custodial exchange.

May 14, Nash appointed Kellogg Fairbank as CEO, where he will steer Nash towards combining traditional financial offerings with its non-custodial blockchain services, as previously announced in Feb. 2021. Additionally, Fairbank intends to help Nash prepare for a conventional fundraising round.

May 16, O3 Labs conducted the first round of airdrops for O3 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The team plans to implement the O3 token on Neo and other blockchains.


May 17: O3 Labs to participate in AMA on official Neo Telegram.

May 18: QLC Chain to participate in AMA on Binance Chinese Telegram channel.