O3 Labs and NKN have announced they are teaming up to airdrop 100,000 NKN tokens to users of the O3 mobile wallet.

NKN is building a “New Kind of Network” connectivity protocol and ecosystem powered by blockchain in order to realise an “open, decentralized, and shared Internet.”

The NKN airdrop is the second exclusive airdrop for O3 users after the Alchemint airdrop that was held earlier this month.

To register for the airdrop, users must download the O3 app on iOS or Android and visit the News Feed. A sign up page is available where users can register to participate. At least 1 NEO or 1 NKN token must be held by the registrant in an address that was created in O3 before the 24th of July, 2018.

The first 10,000 registrants will receive an airdrop of 10 NKN per wallet / user / device, with distribution occurring on July 31st.

The O3 app can be downloaded on iOS from the App Store here, and on Android from the Google Play Store here.

More information on O3 and NKN can be found below.