NewEconoLab’s CryptoGladiator game has launched its pre-sale, allowing members of the public to purchase exclusive gladiators ahead of its MainNet launch in early August. CryptoGladiator is a blockchain based game where players collect gladiators with unique appearances and abilities through market transactions and cloning. Gladiators can be taken into the arena to participate in competitions to win prizes.

CryptoGladiator combines blockchain technology with traditional game elements. Every character is unique and exists as a virtual asset. It also includes multiple modes of war and community elements such as the ability to invite friends.

An overview of the gameplay can be found here.

Through the pre-sale, users can purchase “Senior Rare” and “Rare” gladiators that feature high base level attributes. The base attributes of Senior Rare gladiators are all 88, whilst Rare gladiators are set to 78. All generation 0 non-pre-sale gladiators will have attributes around the 50 mark. Pre-sale gladiators are likely to perform well in battle where GAS prizes can be won, and are able to pass on genetic attributes such as rare skills and weapons to offspring through the cloning process.

To participate in the pre-sale users must register for a new Black Cat account on the CryptoGladiator website. After completing registration, users can choose to create a new wallet or import an existing one. It is recommended that users export wallet details and back up in a secure manner.

Once the account has been created and the wallet opened, it can be loaded with GAS to purchase gladiators. Senior Rare gladiators are priced at 14.99 GAS, whilst Rare gladiators are priced at 4.99 GAS. The sale began at 9:00am (UTC + 8) on the 25th of July and will stay open until 9:00am (UTC + 8) on the 3rd of August or until the pre-sale gladiators sell out.

NewEconoLabs is also giving away free gladiators via two different methods. Firstly, community members will also be rewarded with one free gladiator for joining the official CryptoGladiator Telegram or Discord channels. The offer closes upon game launch. Secondly, the first 500 members to register on CryptoGladiator website will also receive one free gladiator.

CryptoGladiator recently won second place in the NEO Blockchain Black Horse competition, earning high praise fromĀ Lin Pengtao, NEO Global Developement (NGD) R&D director.

The pre-sale can be accessed via the below link:

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