Pikciochain recently announced the creation of Hubble, an initiative that aims to build a technical community to support the development of the Pikciochain ecosystem. Pikciochain is a distributed platform that specializes in data collection, data verification, and personal data exchange. The Pikcio team believes Hubble will strengthen its brand, increase the number of Pikciochain’s real world uses, and build awareness of the project. In addition to the launch of Hubble, Pickio is planning to host a hackathon in August of 2018.

Community members can contribute to Hubble in a variety of ways. First, by building libraries, utilities, and decentralized applications (dApps) on the Pikciochain platform. Second, community members can provide quality assurance (QA) and perform security audits on projects that operate on top of the Pikciochain. Third, community developers can assist in the development of prototypes and solutions. Lastly, community ambassadors can help facilitate and organize international events and workshops.

In return for Hubble-oriented community assistance, Pikcio seeks to incentivize participation in three ways. First, by offering financial rewards for finding bugs, and conducting security audits on new Pikciochain projects. Second, through creating connections (and potential job offers) between Hubble members and Pikciochain projects. Lastly, support through marketing, funding, and assistance to community developed dApps.

Developers interested in participating in Hubble can join the Hubble Discord below:

As well as, the Hubble GitHub below:

Pikcio Hubble Hackathon

The Pikcio Hubble Hackathon is an open challenge for the Pikciochain development community. The hackathon is scheduled to take place from August 15th through August 30th.

Creative and inventive ideas are welcomed by Pikciochain, which include (but aren’t limited to) the development of libraries, dApps, or utilities (such as block explorers). Participants are encouraged to experiment with the Pikciochain TestNet, and explore ideas that might benefit the platform.

Developers with the “most innovative and substantial entries” will be rewarded with Pikciochain tokens (PKC) and granted access to the core Hubble channel.

Registration for the Pikciochain Hubble Hackathon will tentatively take place between August 1st and 15th. More information about registration and guidelines for the competition are forthcoming.

For more information about Pikciochain visit the links below.