The PeerAtlas-IScientia partnership announced in May of 2018, recently took another step forward with a web page reveal and rebranding to NEO Health, a collaboration between the two teams. NEO Health broadens the scope of the previous PeerAtlas project by aiming to include a complete medical ecosystem on the NEO blockchain. This is slated to include both an advanced medical information resource for doctors, and a complete web-based electronic medical record (EMR) platform for healthcare professionals.

IScientia is a Belgium-based healthcare service that specializes in medical information and evidence-based treatment guidelines. They have existing strategic partnerships with Microsoft, The Lancet, and the New England Journal of Medicine. IScientia provides medical information services to over 19 countries and governments in Western Europe. USA-based startup, PeerAtlas, introduced itself to the NEO community last winter when its founding physicians announced plans to integrate their own evidence-based medical information platform with the NEO blockchain.

The entire NEO Health team is spending this summer in Belgium to collaborate in person. PeerAtlas founder, Dr. Brad Mattson, and IScientia engineer, Laurent David, also attended the July CoinAGENDA conference in Malta, where NEO Health is incorporated.

Dr. Mattson recently stated that “Our own completely web-based EMR…will be the centerpiece of the entire ecosystem.” He also revealed, “We currently have the funding to develop an EMR which will serve as the centerpiece of the platform. The alpha version of the EMR will be released by the time the private sale and crowdsale begins.”

The NEO Health public token sale is scheduled to take place in Quarter 4 of 2018.

More information on NEO Health can be found at the links below.