Following the release of the technical community contribution guidelines issued in June last month, Ontology has launched an official bounty program for independent developers. 10% of the total Ontology token supply (100,000,000 ONT) has been allocated to the technical community in an effort to incentivize developers to participate in the development and governance of the Ontology platform.

Initial Bounties

Seven bounties have been added to kickstart the technical community bounty program, each with different requirements that must be met. They are listed below alongside the minimum compensation allocated to each, and a link to the respective application form.

1. Smart Contract Test Framework – 1,000+ ONT

A smart contract test framework implementation with built-in smart contract compilation, deployment and management etc. Also requires support for automated smart contract testing that can be developed rapidly. Apply here.

2. SDKs – 1,000+ ONT

Development of Swift, Kotlin and other language SDKs (excluding the currently developed Java/TS, Python and C++ SDKs). The required functionality is as follows:

  • Ability to develop a wallet file according to a wallet specification, and store an encrypted account private key of the asset account & identity in the wallet file. There is also a need for mnemonic phrase and KeyStore functionality.
  • Interacting with the blockchain, including querying and sending transactions.
  • Transaction serialization and construction of the call smart contract bytecode.
  • Completion of these native smart contracts: ONT, ONG, ONT ID, Auth, governance. Apply here.

3. Chrome Plug-In – 500+ ONT

A Chrome plug-in that supports digital asset & ONT ID management etc. Apply here.

4. Anonymous Credential – 500+ ONT

An anonymous credential scheme implementation with support for different languages and SDK integration. Apply here.

5. Hardware Acceleration – 2,000+ ONT

Using FPGAs (Field-programmable gate arrays) to parallel verify ECDSA signatures with curve NIST P-256. Apply here.

6. One-Click Blockchain – 500+ ONT

A rapidly deployed personal Ontology blockchain that can support tests, execute commands and inspect state while also controlling how the chain operates. Apply here.

7. Trezor ONE & Model T Integration – 800+ ONT

Integration for the Trezor One and Trezor Model T hardware wallets, with support for the Trezor Core firmware. Apply here.

Bounty Qualification

An overview of active bounties can be found on the Ontology developer page here, alongside technical documentation and links to the SmartX IDE & Github pages. Each qualifying contribution will be evaluated and approved by the Ontology Technical Committee, with compensation being distributed based on project progress and results of the assessment.

For those without the technical know-how to claim one of these development bounties, it has been announced on Twitter that there will be an additional opportunity to receive ONG at two future Ontology events. Both the upcoming Seoul and Tokyo MainNet launch parties will be airdropping Ontology GAS to all participants that provide their ONT ID alongside a MainNet ONT wallet address when signing up for the events. These can both be acquired using the official ONTO app, which can be found here. Ontology has also confirmed that a future event will be held in North America and potentially Canada later in 2018, which will also feature airdrops of ONG.

For more information about Ontology, visit the links below.