nOS, a “virtual operating system” project that aims to streamline dApp development and usage, has announced two weekly poker tournaments as a follow-up to its inaugural Texas hold ‘em poker tournament. The tournaments, which are held at nOS.Poker, are free to enter, but require at least 500 NOS tokens to be held in the user’s wallet to register (the tokens are not spent).

Inaugural Tournament

The previous Sunday’s nOS Poker tournament was a success with “roughly 80 players” signing up, according to nOS founder Dean van Dugteren. In a conversation on Discord, Dugteren claimed that the nOS application ran “smooth as butter” under the load of the poker game, which was intended as a stress test for the platform. Although the first tournament ran for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, Dugteren stated “We’re still experimenting with the timing dynamics” of the tournament’s structure, and the next tournament will likely be “around 2 hours” in duration given a similar player count.

Dugteren also added, “We don’t ask for your private keys” and emphasized that registration is free to players holding 500 NOS, because players “don’t have to transfer any funds anywhere. You just hold tokens on your own wallet as Proof of Loyalty, and that’s it!” He also announced that the nOS Poker Telegram group is available for questions, feedback, and chat.

Prize Pool

Both weekly tournaments feature a prize pool of 2500 NOS tokens awarded to the top 9 players, with the winner awarded 800 NOS. This week’s poker tournaments are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019, at 19:00 UTC, and Sunday, March 17th, at 22:00 UTC.

The first-come, first-serve registration starts 15 minutes before the competitions. The game being spread is no-limit Texas hold ‘em, with 6 players per table, and a maximum of 90 players.

The full nOS Poker announcement can be viewed at the following link: