TranslateMe, a translation service using the NEO blockchain and Conjure, an “incentivized, decentralized” video sharing project, have announced a partnership that is meant to “provide a barrier-free platform for content creators and consumers.”

Partnership Services

Through the partnership, TranslateMe will provide translation services for the Conjure whitepaper, website, and marketing materials. TranslateMe also expects to handle multiple-language support for Conjure’s social media, Medium account, and Telegram groups. In the future, the parties expect to integrate TranslateMe with the Conjure video platform itself through an API, in order to provide translations for Conjure’s captions and subtitles, blog text, and comments.

Conjure and TranslateMe

The Conjure project is currently in the first phase of its securities offering, meant to raise funds for its planned decentralized video service. For its part, the TranslateMe team has been adding supported languages to its Telegram application, developing its Android application for mobile devices, and opening a GPU facility with 10 mining rigs that have been repurposed to develop translation services.

A more in-depth look at the TranslateMe project can be found in a NEO News Today interview with founder Ryan Lloyd from November 2018.

The Conjure/TranslateMe partnership announcement can be viewed in full at the following link: