Following the announcement of over 60 dApps being deployed to nOSNet, project founder, Dean van Dugteren, has presented a roundup of the nOS team’s Top 15 community-developed dApps.

nOS is a virtual operating system built on the NEO blockchain. It is designed to be user-friendly and compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, and provides access to a new decentralized internet. dApps submitted to the nOS TestNet have their back-ends running on the NEO blockchain, using smart contracts to ensure the security and immutability of data.

End users can access these dApps using the nOS Client, which functions as a browser and app store combination. All content on nOS is open and transparent, and dApp users will not be required to own tokens native to nOS dApps. This is due to the nOS Client automatically converting primary blockchain currencies (such as NEO or GAS) into the required amount of application tokens needed for transactions or invocations.

The dApps featured in the nOS Top 15 were developed as part of a community building initiative, where developers that submitted dApps to the nOS TestNet were awarded tiered access to the nOS token presale. The token presale is expected to begin sometime in September.

The dApps featured in the nOS Top 15 are as follows, in no particular order:

  • Voteo – Voting and quizz dApp
  • Posts.neo – Forum dApp
  • SmartT – Ticketing and event management platform
  • Bet Manager – Betting dApp
  • NeoShop – Goods and services marketplace dApp
  • nOS Swap – Uses Shapeshift API to swap NEO for ETH
  • NeoChat – Messenger dApp that aims to support message encryption
  • Second-Price Auction – Vickrey Auction dApp
  • nOS Tracker – Connects nOS wallets to a Telegram bot for send/receive notifications
  • Events.neo – Event management dApp
  • Rock Scissors Paper – Rock Paper Scissor game dApp with provable fairness
  • Illuminate – Aims to become a platform for livestreamed, one-on-one instructional sessions
  • nOSVote – Public yes/no polling dApp
  • AskDev – Developer Q&A portal that allows users to pay GAS fee to ask nOS-related development questions
  • Antiscam – Address review dApp that allows flagging and commenting on NEO addresses

Full details on the dApps featured in the Top 15 can be found in the original announcement here. Those interested in developing on nOS are recommended to join the Discord found here.

More information on nOS can be found either on the Smart Economy wiki, or at the links below.