Switcheo, a decentralized exchange built on NEO has published numerous updates over the last few weeks. In this post, we’ve summarized everything the team has been working on as well as some critical changes to its operations and the current events.

On August 17th, the team released an edition of its weekly update series. Switcheo’s integration with O3’s mobile wallet app headlined the article, stating that “[traders] can now trade on Switcheo Exchange directly through the dApp browser on the O3 wallet.” O3 is a mobile wallet application that supports NEP-5 tokens, NEO, GAS and the Ontology MainNet; the wallet is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

A tutorial video demonstrating the integration between Switcheo and O3 can be seen here.

Switcheo went on to explain the reasoning and benefit of the integration for Switcheo and O3 users. Besides being able to trade through the mobile application, users can enjoy some extra peace of mind of not needing to expose their private keys – thus reducing possible security attack vectors. Furthermore, the mobile wallet reduces the risk of phishing attacks through O3’s vetted list of decentralized applications.

Switcheo explains that its integration with O3 is the first in a number of development stages. Next, the team will take its integration a step further by integrating the exchange within O3’s native ecosystem, facilitated by APIs. It’s claimed that this integration will be featured in a future update for O3’s mobile and desktop applications. You can read more about the partnership between Switcheo and O3 here.

Switcheo Exchange Downtime

Switcheo made an update on the 17th of August concerning the downtime it experienced after launching its V2 smart contract on the 25th of July. The team explained that its “web interface and API server experienced an unexpected increase in traffic,” which led to a disruption of service. The team, however, acted swiftly to get back online: stating that their engineers “worked around the clock to upgrade [their] infrastructure.” The problems were initially identified as being “newly developed queries that were not yet well tested, as well as the extra traffic due to [their] long-awaited launch.”

Switcheo then experienced more downtimes over the last two weeks in August, with the most recent disruption lasting 14 hours on the 16th of August.

In a comprehensive post, Switcheo explained the reasons behind the downtimes and explored some possible solutions. You can read through the post here.

Bridge Protocol Trading Competition

Switcheo also announced a trading competition with Bridge Protocol, a suite of tools for focused on identity processes.

To enter, users trade TOLL tokens on Switcheo from 17th August, 10:00 SGT to 26th August 2018 23:59 SGT (+8 UTC). As an incentive, participants can earn from a prize pool of 1,000,000 TOLL.

The trading competition will be updated in real time on Switcheo’s leaderboard.

Besides trading TOLL, participants must also register here to participate in the event.

Temporary Delisting of Zeepin ZPT Tokens

Zeepin, a decentralized chain for creative industries will launch its MainNet on the 31st of August. As such, Switcheo will delist Zeepin (ZPT) tokens on the 24th of this month, meaning that all trades and deposits will be halted at that time.

Removal of Token Swap Page

On August 17th, the Switcheo team announced that it will be removing its Token Swap page on the 31st of August. The removal of the Token Swap page coincides with Switcheo’s ticker symbol changing from SWH to SWTH.

Instructions for changing SWH past the 31st of August can be read here, and it’s “strongly recommended” for holders to change to the new tokens.

Switcheo Lists Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX)

Also on the 17th of August, Switcheo announced that it would support Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX) tokens starting on the 19th of August. This change means users can trade PHX with NEO, GAS, and Switcheo SWTH tokens instantly.

Red Pulse, a market intelligence platform with over 7,000 users in the sectors of finance and big data, recently swapped its RPX token for the PHX token. You can read more details about this swap here.

Switcheo Lists Guardium (GUARD)

Finally, in the most recent announcement the team declared that it would list Guardium (GUARD) tokens on the 24th of August and will support NEO, GAS and SWTH pairs.

Guardium is a distributed emergency response network. You can read more about this announcement here.

More information on Switcheo can be found at the links below.