Japan-based O3 Labs, developer of the O3 NEO wallet for desktop and mobile platforms, has announced the addition of account management features for its iOS and Android mobile wallets. The latest version of the O3 mobile wallet supports infinite wallets, meaning that its users can control multiple NEO addresses from their phone’s O3 app. Previous versions of the O3 mobile wallet granted users control over only one NEO address.

Account Management

O3 offers multiple address support because “it makes a lot of sense” for users to keep multiple addresses. Among the reasons given are privacy, asset security, and convenience. However, O3 Labs cite another upcoming application of the NEO blockchain as a driving reason: dApp access.

O3 Labs speculate that its users will want to control multiple wallets to limit their risk exposure when signing in to unknown dApps and authorizing them to act on their behalf. A “dApp address” with minimal assets will allow users to link a NEO address to use as a form of decentralized identity.

O3 Labs has already added multiple address support for Ledger hardware wallets to its desktop product in August of 2018.

NEO dAPI Protocol

O3 Labs has stated that its implementation of the NEO dAPI (decentralized application programming interface) is “nearing completion”. O3 Labs report that it will allow service providers “to accept NEO based assets for payments, and connect seamlessly with the NEO blockchain.” O3 Labs has developed a test store offering an O3 baseball cap in exchange for GAS tokens.

Nick Fujita, senior blockchain engineer at O3 Labs and contributor to the City of Zion community development group, has also submitted a formal proposal to NEO for a standardized protocol interface between dApp developers and dApp API platform providers. The proposal is currently under discussion and has yet to be merged.

O3 Labs state that more details about the NEO dAPI protocol is forthcoming with its next wallet update.

O3 Labs’ announcement can be read in full at the following link: