Hong Kong-based Senno, which seeks to compensate users for sharing private data in order to create a sentiment analysis-based “crowd wisdom ecosystem”, has developed and published a login module, which is a key component of data sharing in the Senno Protocol. Senno’s login module allows users to permit the sharing of selected data with Senno.

Facebook is the first website that Senno is targeting for its data harvesting efforts. After receiving access to users’ data, Senno will encrypt the data, process it, and use the data for its in-house products, while also offering it externally to third parties. When advertisers make use of the data in the future, users will receive SENNO tokens as a reward for sharing their information.

SENNO Competition

Senno has decided to promote the creation of its login module with a competition for 5,000,000 SENNO tokens, which represents more than 0.3% of the SENNO circulating supply. 20 qualifying users selected at random will receive 250,000 SENNO each. To become eligible for the drawing, users will need to create an account on Senno’s website, and opt into sharing all requested data from their Facebook account, such as their name, email, gender, ethnicity, and emotional status. As a final step, users will need to link their shared Facebook account with their Senno account on Senno’s website.

Eligibility ends on December 6th at 8:00 AM GMT. Winning users will be selected on December 11th, 2018.

Senno’s announcement can be viewed in full at the following link: