PikcioChain has announced that it will partner with telemedicine company, P2link. P2link claims to help patients reduce chronic disease costs by anticipating and reducing patient re-hospitalization.

P2link monitors at-risk individuals using Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices that collect data to the platform’s predictive engine; the partnership will see this data being secured through PikcioChain’s blockchain technology.

PikcioChain highlighted how telemedicine can facilitate remote consultations. Thus, telemedicine provides healthcare practitioners a means of evaluating, diagnosing and treating patients without them having to make costly in-person visits to health centres.

In PikioChain’s press release on its partnership, the platform claims that the adoption of telemedicine so far has been slow, and that it is yet to see mainstream use. However, they claim that several states in the US are in the process of passing regulations that will facilitate telemedicine.

In short, PikcioChain’s work with P2link aims to combine blockchain, IoTM and telemedicine together in a way that will help decentralize the healthcare process for patients and providers, with the aims of reducing costs and freeing resources for more efficient use.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: