CardMaker and NEXT appeared in the two most recent episodes of the LOVE NEO series, an initiative designed by NEO Global Development (NGD) to provide exposure to NEO-based projects through interviewing core team members. The ninth episode featured CardMaker founder, Wizard, while NEXT’s co-founder, Edison, appeared in the tenth episode.

Episode 9 – CardMaker

CardMaker is an HTML5 blockchain based battle card game that focuses on user-generated content, with items spanning both the NEO and Ethereum blockchains. Earlier this year, CardMaker launched an Ethereum-based in-game “town” called Cake Town, and recently announced the launch and presale of “Nature Town,” its first NEO-based game zone. Both towns will have the ability to interoperate. Additionally, CardMaker is known for taking home the “Best Game” and “Most Popular” awards in the 2018 NEO.Game competition.

The interview concentrated on Wizard’s passion and philosophy behind developing CardMaker in the blockchain space after 10+ years of developing in the video game industry. When asked about his line of thinking, Wizard responded that blockchain has a “completely different logic as compared to traditional [game dev] model,” citing token design mechanism and inflation as examples. His second point was about the fundamental thinking behind blockchain being decentralized and mentioned that, eventually, CardMaker “will not be directed by the official developers.” The project aims to involve user participation through focusing on enabling players to create their own user-generated, in-game content.

Episode 10 – NEXT

NEXT is a China-based developer community developing infrastructural projects on NEO like its Blolys block explorer and NEO Line Chrome browser wallet extension.

In response to a question about NEXT’s recent dApp competition, Edison reiterated its purpose:

“Our purpose is to go to all these [universities], to make people who don’t know NEO, get to know more about NEO and blockchain, and eventually participate [and] to do some experiment.”

The team focused on a market they had not yet covered, college students, reaching “10 to 20 universities” with “more than twenty projects for screening” at the end of the competition. Some mentioned universities include Hangzhou Dianzi University, Jiaotong University, Nottingham University, and Ningbao University.

The interview also centered on NEO Line, a Chrome browser wallet extension NEXT developed which has a similar function to NEO as Ethereum’s MetaMask wallet. Edison explains that “this form of product (browser plug-in) is needed” and is “easy to use” to interact with the blockchain. He finished by reiterating continued focuses on infrastructure, making “one or two stable products,” and future plans to develop a NEO Line mobile wallet.

Links to both episodes and edited transcripts can be found below: