NEO held the third NEO JOY in 2019 this past weekend, which offered a variety of presentations from ecosystem projects like FutureDAO, Alchemint, CryptoFast,, Custodian, and NewEconoLabs (NEL). NEO Global Development (NGD) director of ecosystem growth, John Wang, delivered a speech at the event.

NGD released the second half of its LOVE NEO episode with guest John deVadoss, head of NGD Seattle. In the interview, deVadoss reiterates his previous experience building large-scale platforms for Microsoft, and reasons for choosing to build on NEO. He cites Da Hongfei’s vision of the Smart Economy as a “very compelling” reason to contribute the project. deVadoss said, “it was very clear there was no other platform like NEO, from the architectural basis.” NGD also released LOVE NEO episodes with the founder of CardMaker, Wizard, and NEO NEXT co-founder, Edison Chen.

NGD hosted its sixth English-based NEO LIVE event on Thursday, August 29th, with Novem as a guest. Novem was represented by CTO, Christoph Klocker, and COO, Fouad Soultana to discuss Novem’s upcoming public token sale, security of its gold-backed NNN token, reasons for choosing NEO, and more.

NGD announced its inaugural NEO Community Assembly 2019. The NCA will run from September 2nd – 6th, and will host leaders from community development groups such as COZ, NEO SPCC, NeoResearch, Neow3j, NEO-ONE and more. During the event, the groups will discuss topics such as NEO governance, NEO3 migration, NEO3 infrastructure, and the F5 plan. On Thursday, September 5th, NEO will hold an official press conference.

NNT Catchup

NEO recently hosted the “NEO Powers Up Berlin” community meetup in Berlin, Germany to discuss NEO’s history, current status, and updates on NEO3. At the event, attendees received presentations by NEO co-founder and NGD CEO, Da Hongfei, director of ecosystem growth, John Wang, and NGD blockchain engineer, Longfei Wang. After the presentations, the three NEO representatives took part in a community question and answer session.

Da Hongfei recently participated in two question and answer sessions; one as a combined AMA with Infinito Wallet, and the second in an interview with CryptoMonday. In the sessions, Da answered questions about the NEO blockchain, the plans for NEO3, and shared details on the upcoming cross-chain protocol in development by NEO and Ontology.

QLC Chain released an open letter to the public, announced an infographic competition, and is hosting a hackathon through September 23rd. In the open letter to the community, chief architect, Allen Lee, highlighted QLC Chain’s dual token model and the purpose of the QLC token in the ecosystem. Lee describes how QLC is used to guarantee service-level agreements (SLA) for network, storage, and CPU power. Additionally, to celebrate its upcoming two-year anniversary on October 2nd, QLC Chain is hosting a “milestone infographic design competition.”

Developer Groups

Splyse’s Joe Stewart (aka Hal0x2328) spoke with NEO News Today to discuss the latest updates with HashPuppies and its mini-game release, the “Safe Remote Purchase” self-escrow dApp, development of the NEP-11 non-fungible token standard, and more.

NeoResearch released a report that states after three months, the MainNet has not seen any block “sporks” since the dBFT 2.0 consensus protocol update. Currently, a fully dedicated state model for the dBFT 2.0 is being implemented in C++ library, which is currently under testing phase and adjustments.

NEO St. Petersburg Competence Center (NEO SPCC) recently attended the Chaos Construction 2019 as a Gold sponsor, where it operated a booth and gave a presentation on NEO and the team’s activities in the ecosystem. The team also ran two workshops that aimed to introduce participants to the NEO blockchain, and held a competition where participants had to program the logic for battle robots using smart contracts.

NewEconoLabs (NEL) has begun development of a new version of NeoRay, a browser-based debugger for NEO contract developers. The new version, slated for release in September, aims to increase the utility and ease-of-use for developers. In a conversation with NEO News Today, NEL shared its vision and design goals for the update.


August 26th, CardMaker announced it has partnered with Sea Exchange to list SEAC and SEAS in the “NEO Nature Town” area of the game.

August 26th, Nash released an update on its deployment process following unexpected difficulties. The company stated “We refuse to compromise on security or user experience, so we are submitting our solutions to thorough testing.”

August 27th, TranslateMe added a new employee to the team, Mohama Boudan, an experienced translation technology expert who will assist in the launch of the MVP.

August 27th, FutureDAO released a transcript of Liu Yongxin’s presentation at the second NEO JOY 2019. The presentation was entitled “How DAICO Helps Indie Gaming Raise Funds?”

August 27th, Blockchain Cuties released the Fabio Canesin cutie, who was added as playable character following a community vote.

August 28th, Switcheo announced it now supports 18 languages.

August 29th, Travala listed NEO on its platform as a native payment option when purchasing hotel rooms. Additionally, users who make bookings with NEO were eligible to receive 5% cash back in AVA through August 31st.

August 29th, QLC Chain announced over 71 million QLC has been staked in its ecosystem.

August 29th, Narrative announced it has surpassed 8,600 members on the content platform.

August 29th, NEO was added to the list of coins suppered by Magnum Wallet. Users will be able to claim their GAS in the multi-coin wallet.

August 30th, Switcheo released an article describing the history and characteristics of decentralized finances (DeFi). Examples of DeFi applications include lending and borrowing platforms, asset management tools, algorithmic stablecoins, and decentralized exchanges.

August 30th, Trinity released its bi-weekly report, which highlights enhancements to the network stability and MainNet function testing.

August 30th, CardMaker announced the launch of NEO Nature Town, with added functionality for NEO and NEO Name Coin (NNC).

August 31st, Nash published their TypeScript software development kit (SDK) and opened opening a sandbox environment so that automated trading developers can integrate with Nash.

Token Listings

Binance adds NEO margin trading.


September 5th: NEO LIVE – Special Edition.

September 12th: NEO LIVE – QLC Chain.

Ocobter 2-4th: Da Hongfei speaking at Delta Summit – Valetta, Malta.