Neo’s technology is among ten blockchain frameworks being used to form a China-focused ecosystem on the Blockchain-based Service Network’s Open Permissioned Blockchain. The N3-powered permissioned chain, Jiuquan Chain, will remove cryptocurrency/fungible tokenization functionality to comply with China’s regulations – requiring transactions to be paid in the Chinese Yuan fiat currency. The BSN OPB network will facilitate the sale and distribution of NFTs, which will be called “Decentralized Digital Certificates.” The Jiaquan Chain will not be built on the Neo public blockchain but instead as a completely separate permissioned chain.

Ricardo Prado, Mega Oasis team member, and Zhenchen Liu, visual and film artist, joined Neo Global Development’s AMA series, Neo Live, on Friday, Feb. 18, to discuss the Mega Oasis NFT marketplace and its inaugural collection, Meta Panacea. In the AMA, Prado and Liu discussed the goals of the NFT marketplace, the inspiration behind the Meta Panacea series, how Mega Oasis differentiates from other NFT marketplaces in the Neo ecosystem, attracting users from outside the crypto industry, and various plans for Mega Oasis moving forward.

Neo released its technical development monthly report for Jan. 2021, which noted N3 protocol development, infrastructure and tool development, and project milestones for SDKs, nodes, and other infrastructure.

Neo was featured in a Coin Telegraph article, which noted the Jiuquan Chain announcement, the Aug. 2021 launch of N3, and NFT marketplaces on the Neo blockchain.

NGD released a teaser video for the next developer hackathon, Polaris.

NNT Catch Up

Lili Zhao, NGD Zürich lead, joined the Dukascopy TV YouTube channel to discuss the metaverse, data generated in the metaverse, data storage, digital identity, and how Neo can be used to build metaverse platforms.


Feb. 14, Flamingo launched a bug bounty program to improve security on the DeFi platform. Flamingo partnered with Immunefi to offer up to US $1 million in bounties to improve Flamingo’s smart contracts, website, and app. All payouts will be denominated in USD, but distributed in GAS.

Feb. 14, Neo News Today distributed ValeNNTine NFTs to wallets that are voting for it as a Neo Council candidate. The NFT is a symbol of appreciation to community members that have elected NNT as their representative on the Neo N3 council. The NFTs can be considered a digital Valentine’s day card and offer no additional utility beyond thanking NNT’s voters.

Feb. 15, Mega Oasis launched the sale of its inaugural collection, Meta Panacea, selling out the Elixir portion of the NFT series. 15 Elixir NFTs were sold at a floor price of $1,200.

Feb. 16, NekoHit launched on the Neo N3 MainNet, allowing users to request and participate in crowdfunding opportunities. NekoHit is a decentralized application that utilizes the Neo N3 blockchain to fund creative endeavors. Two contracts are now live on MainNet, the Work Contract Agreement and the CAT token. Looking forward, the team will continue to develop the Nekoin community DAO token.

Feb. 16, Flamingo announced that the DeFi platform had surpassed 100,000 swaps since migrating from Neo Legacy to N3.

Feb 16. TOTHEMOON completed its Moon Duo NFT auctions. Over the course of six days, TTM auctioned off 120 NFTs raising over 4,000 in NEO.

Feb. 18, GhostMarket launched the Superior Artifacts NFT series by Aleksander Kuskov, the artist who made the N-series Neoverse NFTs. The first two pieces in the series will allow holders the ability to unlock rewards and collect new art pieces within a metaverse map and game that Kuskov is developing.

Feb. 18, Humswap enabled users to burn Bao envelopes to mint one of three types of Lucky Tiger NFTs. The tigers come in one of three different types: Lucky, Lucky White, and Lucky Golden. The Lucky Tigers are minted with a special original minter royalty, enabling the original owner of any specific Tiger to receive 40% of all royalties from the sale of that Tiger in perpetuity.