General Updates

Neo suffered a security breach that affected the N3 Migration service. The attack is still under investigation, however it is believed that the private keys for the two migration wallet addresses were compromised. The N3 Migration service has been temporarily paused. No user assets were lost or are at risk.

Neo’s developer community provided a video update for Dec. 2022 and Jan. 2023, which included updates about various tools, projects, and events. The video featured segments from AxLabs (neow3j, GrantShares), COZ (Neon Wallet, Dora, Neo Python Suite, Contract Package Manager, WalletConnect, PROPS), NNT (GasBot,,  NEXT (NeoLine), NeoResearch (Education initiatives, dBFT 3.0, Zero Knowledge Proofs), NeoSPCC (NeoFS, NeoGo), NGD Digital Labs (Neo Core, Lounge, Decoding Web3, NeoNS, NeoChat), NGD Enterprise (Code coverage, WorkNet, Neo Blockchain Toolkit), and Red4Sec (Security audits).

Neo Global Development welcomed FindTruman as the first project to join the EcoBoost program in 2023. As part of the collaboration, FindTruman will use its AI engine to generate Matrix-themed story covers dedicated to the Neo ecosystem. Users will be able to create story cover images by providing text prompts, which will generate graphic images using the AI algorithm. Additionally, the team intends to develop an AI-driven chatbot to help Neo community members create stories built around the Neo-themed covers.

Neo announced that it is hosting an upcoming Twitter Spaces dedicated to the subject matter of AI-generated content. The event will feature a panel of guests from GhostMarket, PinkPaper, FindTruman, Atem, and NGD. The Twitter Spaces takes place on the official Neo account at 3:00 a.m. (UTC) on Friday, Feb. 17. The event will be recorded.

AfricaN3 launched the LifeSavers project on the Neo TestNet. Users can currently mint LIFE NFTs on TestNet, which will go live on MainNet later in Feb. 2023. Proceeds from the LIFE NFT sales will go toward an annual blood drive event through a collaboration with Action On Blood.

DogeRift released patch v1.11, which includes the launch of the Parkour game mode. In this mode, users complete a mapped course as fast as possible, and must do so in under 90 seconds. 

Mercurial Apps added Quirky Soul College to the all-in-one data aggregator for NFT projects and marketplaces in the Neo ecosystem. The platform allows users to explore the Quirky Soul NFTs by attributes, owners, and rarity points, and view the transaction volume of the collection.

Flamingo released statistics on the top liquidity pools ranked by volume, which included approximately US $2 million for FLM/bNEO, $943,000 for bNEO/fUSDT, and $837,000 for FLM/fUSDT.

GrantShares proposal Accelerating the adoption of Neo economy with participatory governance was put forth for discussion. 

Developer Updates

COZ released neo3-boa v0.12.0, which added support for Neo v3.5, improved performance, fixed bugs, and more. 

COZ updated the Neon mobile wallet to v1.1.5 and the desktop client to v2.16.29, which included various feature improvements and bug updates.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 27 of the Smart Economy Podcast with Sid Powell, CEO and co-founder of Maple Finance. Discussion topics included his background in debt capital markets at a bank and conversely on the client side at a lending business, the conceptualization of Maple Finance to its 2021 launch, the types of institutional clients Maple Finance seeks, and offering loans backed on assets that aren’t correlated with crypto.


Feb. 17: Neo hosting Twitter Spaces on the official account.