Neo is hosting an upcoming Twitter Spaces dedicated to the subject matter of AI-generated content. The event will feature a panel of guests from various blockchain projects inside and outside the Neo ecosystem. The Twitter Spaces takes place on the official Neo account at 3:00 a.m. (UTC) on Friday, Feb. 17. The event will be recorded.

The panel will be moderated by NNT editor Dylan Grabowski and will include the following:

  • Vincent Geneste, GhostMarket CEO
  • Rupin Mathur, PinkPaper founder
  • Bingxue, FindTruman co-founder
  • Alice, Atem CMO
  • Catherine Lucci, Neo Global Development ecosystem growth manager

GhostMarket is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that allows users to mint, purchase, and sell NFTs.

PinkPaper is a decentralized content publishing platform that allows users to tip creators, establish a reputation system, and participate in crowdfunding opportunities. The project joined the Neo EcoBoost program in Dec. 2022.

FindTruman is a crowd-sourced, whodunit-style game where players search for clues in a 3D hotel environment to find Truman, the mysterious killer. The project was the first to join the Neo EcoBoost program in 2023

Atem is a decentralized content creation protocol that aims to help creators tokenize content and build Web3 native communities via NFTs.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: