General Updates

Neo founder Da Hongfei’s X account was compromised at 4:00 p.m. (UTC) on July 6, when the malicious actor began sending requests for users to participate in an airdrop tied to a fake link. Users should only interact with Da’s X account once he has regained control. UPDATE 3:44 AM (UTC): Da has regained control of his account.

Neo launched a Galxe social media community campaign to celebrate its recent partnership with Phoenix and a campaign for its partnership with ZNS Connect. For each campaign, participants who complete all tasks in each quest will have the opportunity to win from a prize pool of approximately US $200 contributed by Neo and its partners.

Atomic Wallet announced that the third-party wallet will support assets on the Neo X EVM sidechain when the MainNet launches. Founded in 2018, Atomic Wallet has more than 5 million users globally, with around 500,000 active monthly users.

ITEM Systems installed a new non-fungible item bronze plaque at a mural located in Santos, Brazil. The associated mural was installed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first wave of Italian immigrants to the region, many of whom came from Genoa, Italy. Like those installed at DENVER WALLS, the NFI plaque will offer tap-and-scan functionality for mural visitors to learn more about the artwork, its artists, and its cultural significance to the region.

Frank Coin hosted a community quiz on the Neo F1 Discord server using the NNT Week in Review as the subject matter. The top three participants each won 70 FLM, and ten random winners each won 60 FRANK tokens. Frank Coin also hosted a Telegram quiz with the same prize reward structure, and the founder hosted a stream to discuss Neo ecosystem news and play the Pixudi NFT board racing game.

Neobox announced that the pre-sale of the NEOBOX NEP-17 token will conclude on July 16.

Flamingo launched its July 2024 Zealy social media campaign, offering approximately $1,000 worth of FLM and GAS token rewards. Additionally, Meme2Earn launched its monthly Zealy campaign with roughly $420 worth of TIPS tokens in rewards.

Flamingo shared statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking token for week 26 of 2024, noting approximately $7.06 million in total value, $3.71 million in total minting rewards, and $680,000 in total trading fee rewards.

Switcheo Labs announced the team is seeking to hire a social media executive to cover the Demex non-custodial and perpetual swaps exchange. The team notes that candidates who reside in Singapore will receive priority, but remote work is available for top-tier candidates.

Developer Updates

AxLabs enhanced its Docker-based Neo3 private network deployment solution to support Windows, complementing its existing compatibility with Linux and MacOS. The tool is aimed at simplifying the setup of a local development environment for builders on Neo N3, which is used when testing applications.

Neo SPCC released an updated version of neo-exporter, a project designed to simplify data exportation from Neo blockchains into Prometheus metrics. Developers, node operators, and researchers may use it to store, analyze, and visualize blockchain data.

COZ CEO Tyler Adams was interviewed by The Tech National to discuss non-fungible item technology and building within the Neo ecosystem.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released Episode 67 of The Smart Economy Podcast with Matt Leising, co-founder of DeCential Media, a publication committed to telling the stories of founders, builders, and visionaries in the decentralized economy. Topics of discussion include the power of personal narratives in blockchain innovation, Leising’s journey from Bloomberg to DeCential Media, the DAO Hack and Ethereum’s subsequent resilience, the challenges of traditional journalism in crypto media, Leising’s book ‘Out of the Ether,’ DeCential Media’s approach to blockchain storytelling and independence, and more.

NNT editors hosted Crypto Coffee and Blockchain Beer Spaces #24 on the official The Smart Economy Podcast X account. Topics of discussion included UK election results, the German government selling BTC and the forthcoming Mt Gox BTC distributions, the dichotomy of the US government’s relationship with Coinbase, Circle’s USDC becoming the first regulatory-approved stablecoin under MiCA in the EU, The Open Network blockchain and Telegram users, gauging the accuracy of political sentiment through the Polymarket betting platform, and proposals for the Salt Bound Token.


July 12: NNT editors hosting CC & BB #25 on The Smart Economy Podcast official X account.