General Updates

Neo announced the Asia-Pacific hackathon in partnership with OKX, offering $118,000 in prizes and an additional $1 million in grant funding earmarked to encourage Web3 growth in the APAC region. The event will run from July to October 2023 and features both online engagements and local events. Neo will visit six cities: Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangalore, Seoul, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The primary aim of the event is to attract Web3 startups to Neo and introduce them to the burgeoning ecosystem in Hong Kong and the wider APAC region. Early registration for the Tokyo GAS Station is now open.

Neo Global Development hosted a YouTube webinar to kick off the APAC hackathon with representatives from NGD, Neo Foundation, and NNT. The webinar offered insights into NGD’s motivation for launching the event, a technical overview of the Neo N3 tech stack, and an outline of the structure of the hackathon’s in-person and online events.

NGD hosted the first APAC hackathon panel, focussing on DeFi, with representatives from Forthewin Network, Flamingo Finance, O3 Labs, Perlin Finance, and Poplar Finance. Topics of discussion included a background of the speakers and their projects, what inspires the panelists to work in the DeFi space, the opportunities DeFi can offer, and more.

GrantShares proposal Pixudi with NeoFS integration Milestone 1: Launching collection & the game with NEO (updated) was approved by voting members, with five in favor and two who abstained.

Flamingo released statistics on the top three traded pools for week 26 of 2023, noting approximately US $1.93 million in the FLM/bNEO pool, $1.39 million in the bNEO/fUSDT pool, and $1.25 million in bNEO/fWBTC. Flamingo also announced that six new members joined its Ambassadors program in June.

Meme2Earn exceeded more than 20,000 memes posted on the platform. Meme2Earn also announced that two new members joined its Ambassadors program in June.

Developer Updates

COZ announced the upcoming Boa Day, taking place July 12 as a celebration of the launch of Boa v1.0.0. The event will include challenges, activations, and developer interactions throughout the day. COZ also released Mamba v2.0.0, which includes an array of enhancements to the SDK. Developers will find opcode generation improvements, 1-of-n multisig support in the ChainFacade, and compatibility with Python 3.11.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 40 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Holly Wood, Director of Business Development at Boson Protocol. Topics of discussion include working with grassroots creatives and big brands, how Web3 launches have similar vibes to brand launches for verticals like streetwear, the prevalence of in-house Web3 teams and staff at big brands, and phygitals/digi-physical items.

Meme2Earn released a recording of the Fireplace community AMA held last week. In the Fireplace AMA, the team discussed the development of its meme-based platform, the latest meme campaign, the next steps for Meme2Earn, and more.


July 11: APAC Hackathon workshop on coding smart contracts in Go.