General Updates

MegaOasis hosted the launch of Chinese artist Yuan Jinhua’s Nuanced Floral Symphony NFT collection, which went on sale at 10:00 a.m. UTC, Nov. 24. There are 32 unique NFT pieces in total – 31 image-based NFTs, each in the 31 Mirror Flowers collection, and one video-based NFT. The image NFTs cost 540 NEO each, while the video has a reserve price of 3,000 NEO.

Neo News Today drew the week one winners of its GasBot tipping competition, celebrating the release of the new Discord bot. Throughout the competition, participants have the opportunity to win a share of 200 GAS by sending tips as a form of appreciation or recognition to other community members. Week two of the competition began on Nov. 21, with another 100 GAS up for grabs. Community servers currently supporting GasBot include the official Neo server, Neo Force One, Meme2Earn, Forthewin Network, Flamingo Finance, Neo-Bits, TOTHEMOON, GhostMarket, NeoCandy, and AxLabs.

GrantShares hosted a ShillYourProposal Twitter Space with Voxiberate, an AI-powered “democracy-in-a-box” platform that allows you to directly engage with your stakeholder communities, discover their wishes, and forge consensus. In the Space, the co-founders of Voxiberate discussed the problems of decision-making and creating tools to make participating in governance decision processes easier.

Additionally, GrantShares proposals Add NEO to the NearPay on-ramp widget and We aim to bring 400 Crypto users to NEO Ecosystem and make them join social channels and open a N3 wallet were put forth for discussion. Meanwhile, FrankCoin – a community coin wants to reward holders was put onchain and has since been endorsed by AxLabs.

WalletConnect released an overview of Neon Wallet in its Wallet of the Week series that highlighted using Neon to interact with dApps, voting for Neo Council candidates, the wallet’s ability to manage multiple accounts, and upcoming feature integrations.

TOTHEMOON sold out the First Quarter Phase mint of 7,800 Character-type NFTs, which carried a cost of 15 GAS per NFT mint.

GhostMarket added a social feature that allows users to favorite an NFT or an NFT collection by toggling the heart icon.

Meme2Earn released statistics about platform usage, showing an increase in weekly volume, transactions, total holders, and circulating NUDES supply.

Developer Updates

New developer resources were added to the Neo Developer Portal in November, including an example end-to-end encrypted messaging service called Inbox, new tutorials for Java developers, and an improved data conversion tool.

Inbox is designed primarily for educational purposes and enables Neo users to send messages to other Neo addresses via their NeoNS domains. The messages are end-to-end encrypted, meaning only the sender and the message’s recipient can read the original message.

The N3 Data Converter gives developers an easy way to convert between the various different data types that they will encounter while working with Neo. The converter provides example code to perform each conversion alongside the result of its use. Currently, only example code using Neon.JS is shown, though more tools may be added in the future.

AxLabs published four tutorials that guide Java and Kotlin developers through all the tools and processes they will need to build Neo N3 dApps.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 20 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Len Sir, investment lead at MEXC M-Ventures and Labs. Discussion topics included the vast roles a VC plays in the incubation of ideas and projects, the focus areas of M-Ventures and Labs, his insights into Neo’s recent “Decoding Web3” university tour, and more.

SeQure added support for Neo to its blockchain anomaly detection product, SeQure-AI. The service uses a machine learning model and network monitoring to detect hacks and bugs as they occur in real-time, potentially aiding in asset recovery. The team claims to have analyzed over 100 large-scale hacking events in the blockchain industry and devised solutions for more than ten different forms of attack. Examples include mitigations for flash loan exploits, denial of service, and compromised private keys.


Nov. 29: Flamingo Finance hosting Community Lagoon chat on the official Discord server.