General Updates

Neo Global Development is partnering with Web3Labs to roll out an accelerator initiative aimed at fostering Hong Kong’s Web3 industry. The alliance sees Neo contributing US $1 million to the Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program, offering aspiring Web3 project teams a wealth of resources – from funding and technical support to additional ecosystem advantages. Neo co-founder Da Hongfei said, “Supporting developers in Asia is critical for Neo, especially pertinent given recent positive regulatory developments in the region, particularly in Hong Kong, and Neo welcomes further positive developments in the area.” As of July 2023, the incubator has already extended its expertise to nearly 1,000 Web3 enterprises.

NGD Eco Growth Lead John Wang was featured in a Forkast op-ed on the direction of crypto regulations in the APAC region. The article addresses the ebb and flow of crypto innovation that take place in phases for the East and the West, and that the pendulum might be swinging back in favor of blockchain companies located in the East.

NGD released an update to NeoChat, which included the integration of GPT 4.0 and the implementation of NeoNS names within the web app. The first five Chat GPT inquiries are complementary, but the user will pay for each inquiry with GAS afterward. The article also notes 518 N3 addresses that have used NeoChat, with nearly 32,000 messages sent.

NGD established a new partnership with Aspecta, with a long-term vision to empower the developer community with identity solutions. Aspecta allows users to aggregate data across social accounts like GitHub, X, Stack Overflow, and MetaMask to highlight user experience and achievements across Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.

Carrot Swap launched an incentivized TestNet and is seeking beta testers to explore the features of its AMM-based non-custodial exchange built on the experimental NeoEVM sidechain. Participants will earn points to qualify for future rewards, such as airdrops and NFTs, when a NeoEVM MainNet launches. Users must have an EVM-compatible wallet (i.e., MetaMask) to participate in the campaign. In the first 48 hours, Carrot Swap amassed approximately 20,000 transactions, 2,000 X followers, and 3,500 users.

Meme2Earn launched a new meme competition in collaboration with reggae artists MerlinMoon and Alborosie. The top 100 meme submissions will share from a prize pool equivalent to $3,600 in TIPS tokens and NFTs.

The GrantShares proposal World of Elements: A new game for the Neo blockchain, presented by FrankCoin was endorsed by Neo SPCC and put forth for vote, which concludes on Oct. 18. World of Elements also released the first working demo of the game, which is accessible on mobile and desktop.

ITEM Systems co-founders Tyler Adams and Guil. Sperb Machado released an article offering an overview of their perspectives on non-fungible item technology, and how NFIs can be integrated into everyday life. Additionally, ITEM Systems installed four of the five remaining NFI-enabled plaques for the DENVER WALLS mural festival.

Neo Foundation technologist and NGD Head of Development Steven Liu participated in a special sharing session at OxU Hong Kong Blockchain Club to offer overviews of the Neo ecosystem, developing smart contracts, and recent activities in the ecosystem.

Flamingo released FLUND statistics for Week 40 of 2023, noting approximately $5.8 million in total value, $2.7 million in total minting rewards, and $511,000 in trading fee rewards.

Developer Updates

COZ released Mamba v2.1.0, which included new support for FindStorage RPC method, notifications for invokes, and various bug fixes.

Neo SPCC released an update for Aug. and Sep. 2023, which noted Red4Sec penetration testing of NeoGo, NeoGo and NeoFS updates, new test cases, and more.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 48 of the Smart Economy Podcast featuring Bonart Mati, Chief Growth Officer of Obligate. Topics of discussion include Mati’s insights on the unstoppable nature of DeFi and the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize the financial industry, the importance of regulations, the transformative power of tokenization, and the need for interoperability and cross-chain communication solutions for the future.

Neo SPCC shared a guide to zero-knowledge proof development on the Neo blockchain. Since the upgrade to Neo v3.6 and NeoGo v0.102.0, the platform now supports arithmetic operations across BLS12-381 elliptic curve points, a necessary tool for the implementation of zero-knowledge proving systems. A zero-knowledge proof is a method of demonstrating that a statement is true without revealing any information beyond this verification of truth.


Oct. 27 – 28: Neo APAC Hackathon finale in Hong Kong.