Mercurial Apps recently upgraded the token listing and offer feature in its N3 Trader application. Previously, users were required to specify the exact tokens they wished to receive in a trade. Now, users can propose a trade for a wide variety of tokens, by including a description of which tokens they’re willing to accept in return.

Previously, if a user wanted to trade for a Neoverse H Fragment NFT, for example, they had to specify an exact token ID number for the taker (i.e., Fragment H #1). Makers can now list the generic token they’re seeking to acquire, and provide a note of other NEP-11 or NEP-17 token tokens they may be interested in using the description (i.e., “Need any Fragment G/H”).

The N3 Trader website has been updated to include a Listings section where users can propose trades.

About N3 Trader

Launched in Dec. 2021, N3 Trader is a decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform that allows users to establish direct trades for NEP-11 and NEP-17 tokens. Users can create trades with specific wallet addresses, or make open trades allowing anyone to participate as a taker.

Trades will remain open until a taker completes the trade or the maker closes it. The maker puts the NEP-11 or NEP-17 token(s) into an escrow account, where it resides until a taker agrees to the terms of the trade. Once the taker accepts, the maker must approve the trade before the assets can be swapped. The maker can cancel the trade at any point until it is final.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: