Neo Global Development released its Technical Development monthly report for Feb. 2022, noting that Neo v3.1 had entered its third month of stable operation since release, progress toward NeoCLI users being able to operate as both Inner Ring and Storage nodes for NeoFS, and various infrastructure and tooling developments.

NGD hosted a Polaris Launchpad panel session titled ‘Metaverse and NFT: Future or Illusion?’. Panel participants included Sky Hut, Rentfuse, Humswap, GhostMarket, and UFO Gaming representatives. In the event, panelists discussed the differences between digital art and NFT-based artwork, use cases for NFTs beyond artwork, what the metaverse is, its role moving forward, and what advancements in the metaverse and NFT technology are necessary to encourage mass adoption.

NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss participated in an interview with Magazine by Cointelegraph to discuss what inspires him about blockchain developers, decentralization, and other personal ideas.

NGD announced an upcoming Polaris Launchpad panel that begins at 2 p.m. (UTC) on Wednesday, March 23. The panel entitled One More Step to the Smart Economy will feature representatives from NGD, Neo SPCC, COZ, NGD Enterprise, and AxLabs. Afterward, a video recording of the panel will be uploaded to the official Neo YouTube channel.

NNT Catch Up

Humswap announced plans to launch a staking feature that it expects to go live in approximately three weeks. Humswap’s co-founders, Jason Tezanos and Mario Lopez, recently participated in an AMA on the official Humswap Discord server to discuss the upcoming development, including a partnership with DogeRift to develop a play-to-earn GameFi application.

NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss joined the Telukso YouTube channel to discuss the shift from Web2 to Web3. In the interview, deVadoss discussed where the term Web3 came from, programming languages for blockchain development, best practices for building dApps, and the Polaris Launchpad event.


March 14, Mercurial Apps upgraded the token listing and offer features in its N3 Trader application. Previously, users were required to specify the exact tokens they wished to receive in a trade. Now, users can propose a trade for a wide variety of tokens by including a description of which tokens they’re willing to accept in return.

March 14, Everstake released an article outlining how NeoBurger works, the properties of the bNEO token, and how to vote with bNEO.

March 15, DogeRift published its website and announced the upcoming launch of the DogeRift Bored Doge NFT Club. Interested participants will be able to mint NFTs at 9 GAS per token. DogeRift is a play-to-earn GameFi application currently being built on the Neo blockchain.

March 15, Wexford released a 30-second sample of an upcoming music track, Into My Bottle, which the band will release as an NFT on the Neo N3 blockchain.

March 17, Flamingo released a visual representation of APR per pool for Jan. and Feb. 2022, which portrays the changing interest earned on pools over the two-month timeframe.

March 17, O3 Labs announced the team is shifting its focus toward fostering its community engagement on its official Discord server. On Discord, O3 Labs users can obtain information and ask questions about products.

March 17, Nash won best DeFi Marketplace at the Fintech Breakthrough Awards 2022. FinTech Breakthrough is an independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global FinTech market.

March 17, Rentfuse announced a community content contest seeking writers, artists, and meme-makers to enter for a chance to win Neoverse blindbox NFTs. Voting on submissions will begin on March 31.

March 18, Flamingo shared metrics of the FLP-FLM-fCAKE pool, the first such pool containing an asset that connects Neo with the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. The pool has approximately US $1.07 million in total value locked, and has had $1.5 million in trading volume.

Token Listings

N3 NEO listed on the WazirX custodial exchange.


March 22: Neo to participate in a webinar panel hosted by BSN.

March 23: Polaris Launchpad panel – One More Step to the Smart Economy.