Neo moved into the Mass Migration phase of the Neo N3 MainNet rollout. All token holders were invited to migrate NEO and GAS from Neo Legacy to Neo N3. An incentive program is running during the first two months of Mass Migration, offering NEO-based bonuses to early participants. The Token Migration Incentive Program rewards users with NEO tokens for early migration to Neo N3. Since NEO is an indivisible token, the minimum amount receivable in the Token Migration Incentive Program is 1 NEO. Token holders will receive up to a 1% bonus until Sep. 15, when the bonuses will decrease.

Neo Global Development announced it is releasing collectible Neoverse NFTs to celebrate the launch of the Neo N3 MainNet and the Mass Migration program. NGD intends to distribute the Neoverse NFTs in “blind boxes” via airdrops and purchases. There will be a total of 27,000 blind boxes available, each containing one of nine elemental pieces representing major technical features of the Neo N3 blockchain. Once users have collected all nine of the N3 Element NFT pieces, they can burn them to mint a special N3 Collector’s Edition NFT. Neo community members can become eligible to receive NFT airdrops by participating in official Neo ecosystem projects and other partner events, with details still to be announced.

NGD hosted its second community trivia campaign in as many weeks, where participants competed for a pool equivalent to US $200 in rewards. Winners were chosen depending on the speed and accuracy of answering questions.

Developer Groups

AxLabs deployed a new build of neow3j, its Java development kit for Neo. The updated version, v3.13.0, made changes across the devpack and SDK intended to make the toolkit more intuitive for developers on N3.

NEXT released a guide for migrating NEO and GAS from Neo Legacy to Neo N3 via its Chrome browser extension.

COZ upgraded the neo-mamba Python SDK to v0.9.1 and enabled developers to begin building on Neo with a single line command.


Aug. 30, GhostMarket open-sourced a new NEP-11 NFT contract template for Neo N3. Written in Python for use with the Boa compiler by COZ, the template makes it easy for developers to deploy a contract capable of minting NFTs that can integrate with GhostMarket.

Aug. 31, TOTHEMOON was featured in, a website dedicated to blockchain-based games. The article offered a brief overview of how TOTHEMOON aims to integrate NFTs into its gameplay.

Aug. 31, GhostMarket announced it is seeking to hire a full-time front-end developer with Vue and TypeScript experience.

Sep. 1, TranslateMe announced that the instant translation services platform will migrate its smart contracts to Neo N3.

Sep. 2, Poly Network released a post-mortem of the attack on the interoperability protocol in August that resulted in the loss of approximately $610 million in assets and their subsequent return.

Sep. 3, GhostMarket was listed on the nDapp activity tracking website for Neo N3.

Sep. 5, O3 Labs released its monthly report for Aug. 2021, which noted the completion of the UI design work for an upcoming Dashboard module on O3 Swap, support for Neo N3 migration on the desktop O3 Wallet, and more.


Sep. 10: GhostMarker founder Vincent Geneste participating in Discord AMA.