Neo Global Development (NGD) released its monthly report for January 2020, which highlighted development progress on core Neo processes (i.e., NeoVM, consensus mechanism, etc.), the addition of Everstake to host a Neo3 Preview1 TestNet consensus node, progress by community development groups, plus more.

NGD announced it is postponing Neo DevCon 2020, citing concerns that stem from the current coronavirus epidemic. NGD had been using late-April 2020 as a tentative benchmark for the third annual developer conference, expected to take place in Europe.

NGD announced it has joined the MouseBelt Blockchain Education Alliance, a consortium of blockchain industry entities that seek to support education, research, and entrepreneurship at universities and beyond. As a member of the alliance, NGD intends to share its experience related to building a blockchain, supporting an ecosystem, creating course curriculum, and conducting online and offline courses.

Da Hongfei will be appearing as a speaker at the IstanBlock 2020 conference during Istanbul Blockchain Week in April 2020. Istanbul Blockchain Week will take place from April 6th through April 10th, while the IstanBlock 2020 conference will be held at the Hilton Bomonti Hotel on April 9th and 10th.

Road to Neo3

Neo News Today (NNT) released the second article in its Road to Neo3 feature about unique contract IDs (UID). This article explored UID proposals that would allow developers to update contracts without creating a new script hash or identifying property. This would remove the need for service providers who integrate with Neo contracts to manually update their infrastructure whenever a contract is updated. Despite being initially implemented to prevent DoS attacks, UIDs will offer numerous advantages to developers, third parties, and even help reduce the blockchain size.

NNT Catch Up

PickioChain announced it is closing its parent company, Pikcio AG, as it has run out of funds and was unable to acquire customers to derive a source of revenue. On February 7th, Switcheo de-listed the PikcioChain token (PKX) by suspending PKX deposits and trading, but will allow users to cancel orders and withdraw PKX at any time. In the announcement, PikcioChain stated, “our priority is now to give a chance to the technology we developed to be used in the future,” and noted the Aleph project as an appropriate home for its technologies. Aleph recently conducted an airdrop, distributing the project’s NEP-5 token, ALEPH, to PKX token holders at a ratio of 1 ALEPH for every 5 PKX.

On February 5th, Novem Gold AG, delivered a presentation to investors, which highlighted the progress achieved since the project’s inception, expectations from the recent enactment of the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act, and plans moving forward. Looking forward, the team intends to create an ERC-20 wrapped NNN (wNNN) token, open two new stores, launch a mobile application, and expand its brand internationally.

Developer Groups

COZ incorporated as a company in the state of Delaware, registered to operate in Colorado. The move has been long-planned as the organization seeks to formalize its operations. The name change to COZ is in conjunction with the incorporation as the group aims to streamline its image. In the coming months, COZ plans to roll out its new brand identity across its website and social channels. It is also focusing on preparing its flagship projects such as Neon Wallet, Neoscan, and neo-python for Neo3, and aiding in the transition.

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) announced the release of its S3 protocol gateway for NeoFS, now available as part of neofs-local. This is the second gateway implemented by the team, following the HTTP gateway demonstrated by the Send.NeoFS service. By adding support for S3, Neo SPCC hopes to help onboard existing applications on to NeoFS.


February 10th, Guardian Circle updated its iOS and Android applications, which improved the speed and performance of the contact management/invitation system, and HTTP libraries.

February 10th, Neo Economy added support for 93 additional cryptocurrencies to its Neo Economy Swap platform.

February 10th, Jarvis+ released its fortnightly report, which highlighted packaging of the Xiaojia Management system desktop client.

February 11th, the new company that has assumed control of Narrative announced it began local testing of the codebase. The team is also conducting the second round of the name selection process and provided an update on NRVE token exchange listings.

February 12th, Neo Colorado hosted its BUIDL Week event in Denver, Colorado in the week leading to ETH Denver.

February 12th, QLC Chain released its first fortnightly report for 2020, highlighting the first 40 voting and mining nodes accepted to participate in the network. It also noted a recent AMA and roadmap activity along with its blockchain and product development progress.

February 13th, TranslateMe added support for the Vietnamese language to its Telegram Translator minimum viable product (MVP).

February 13th, TinTucNeo hosted an AMA with TranslateMe founder, Ryan Lloyd, where questions were posted in English, and the Telegram Translator was used to translate to Vietnamese.

February 14th, Nash updated its mobile application and now allows NEO holders to claim GAS from within the app.

Token Listings

NEO and GAS listed on Simex.

NEO futures added to Binance.